The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has highlighted the promotional effect and the economic impact on the city of the eleventh edition of ‘Marbella 4 Days Walking’, which reaches three million euros. The event, which establishes four routes through areas of the municipality, brings together 2,500 people from more than fifteen countries. “This is an important mass event for the town, since most of the participants and their companions stay in the municipality for an average of seven days and, in addition, it entails a shock in the month of October, once the high season is over. tourism”, Muñoz highlighted. The first mayor has visited the base camp on Avenida del Mar for an event that began on the 6th and will end tomorrow, Sunday, October 9, and which this year incorporates four theme parties with music and gastronomy in this location.

“These are routes of 10, 20 and 30 kilometers that continue to make Marbella known as an enclave where nature has a lot to do,” said Muñoz, who recalled that walkers have traveled through the northeast part of the city to return along the promenade from Puerto Banús, the town center to Sierra Blanca, while today they enjoy Los Altos de Marbella, returning later from the beach. Tomorrow, Sunday, they will carry out part of the greenway to the Istán Lake and the Tortugas Lake. Before reaching the finish line, they will pass through the symbolic arch of the Via Gladiolo. The first mayor has highlighted “the great effort” made by the City Council and the representatives of the organization, Arabella Wessels and Maria Kupers, as well as “the huge team of volunteers who are dedicated to the organization, about 70 people who put their time available to the participants so that everything is a success”.

In addition, he has emphasized the fact that another of this year’s novelties is a mobile application that includes an emergency button that can be activated in an emergency and that allows the walker to be located immediately. For her part, Maria Kupers pointed out that the participants “are telling us that they are really enjoying this walk, where they are getting to know unique corners, and that they love Marbella, where they feel at home.”

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