The City Council of marbella is developing a pilot project in its commitment to the sustainable mobilityand has acquired for the first time three fully electric motorcycles to provide service to the Environment delegation, the notifiers and the Consistory offices located in the Plaza de Los Naranjos, as reported on Thursday by the Director General of Innovation, Traffic and Transport, Baldomero León.

The municipal official explained that together with his departments, “the initiative starts from the area of Internal Regime and Organizationdirected by the mayor Félix Romero” and added that in Marbella “we have already been using hybrid models for a long time and now we are going one step further with the purchase of these units”.

“We want to make clear our commitment to a city and a sustainable model and, in this sense, this measure is directed, with some motorcycles that have a autonomy of 100 kilometers and the ease of disassembling the battery and charging it at any point with a conventional plug”, explained León, who recalled that “already in 2019, at the Climate Summit in Madrid, we proposed the renewal of our fleet for this type of electric vehicles ”.

In addition, he has advanced that the intention of the City Council is to continue recording line items in budgets to invest in this matter.

For his part, Antonio Galbarro, head of the motorcycle company, Eco Mobility Green World Spain, thanked the City Council for its commitment “for this type of urban mobility on two wheels.” “These are three units with great versatility, which have a charging time between two and six hours and that contributes to energy savings, in addition to not generating noise for the city”.

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