Marbella Town Hall has launched a special cleaning device on the occasion of Holy Week to remove the wax from the candles carried by the procession, which is made up of more than twenty municipal workers, As reported this Friday by the councilor for the branch, Diego López.

The mayor specified that “it is a specific team that will allow us to maintain in a optimal state the twenty streets that make up the itinerary through which the parades take place” and stressed that “these are days in which the city receives thousands of tourists and our priority is to present the best possible image”.

López has indicated that “he is made up of more than twenty municipal workers from Marbella, both drivers and operators, and six auxiliary vehicles with high-pressure water-cleaning machines with high-temperature water that effectively descale this residue.”

The mayor explained that “the work began last Saturday to cover transfers of imageswill continue during the festive week and will be extended at later dates until the remains of wax are completely eliminated” and has advanced that “the actions of the operators will preferably take place in the night shifts to cause the least inconvenience to the merchants and visitors” .

He has also pointed out that the cleaning and collection of urban solid waste that is carried out on a regular basis “will be maintained in a complementary way” and he recalled that “throughout the year we develop numerous special devices, some ordinary such as cleaning up schools during vacation periods, fairs or festivities, and others such as reaction to unforeseen events, such as the one deployed due to the Saharan dust”.

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