The Marbella Town Hall has launched a special summer security device which will have a reinforcement of troops and with the support of technical means pointers such as the hundred video surveillance cameras deployed by the municipality or the drone unit, as reported on Tuesday by the councilor of the branch, José Eduardo Díaz.

This has been highlighted by the mayor in the presentation of the operationwhere he has been accompanied by the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, and the commissioner of the National Police, Enrique Lamelas, pointing out that during the months of July and August both bodies “redouble their efforts to give more coverage and peace of mind to citizens at points of maximum influx of people” and has remarked that Puerto Banús, where the device has been unveiled, “will be a priority”.

Diaz has indicated that “We are a safe city where a quick and effective response is given before the commission of a crime”, has also affected the “large number of visitors who come to the city and the important economic movement that is registered”. “In these two months all units have a maximum level of demand”, he pointed out, at which point he thanked the agents of both security forces “for the enormous effort they are making on these dates”. Specifically, the Local Police officers will perform 22,000 overtime hours during this high season. For its part, the National Police will be reinforced with 43 interns.

Regarding the material means, the Councilor for Citizen Security has referred to the 133 video surveillance cameras that are already deployed and operational throughout the municipal area and the two control rooms of the Local and National Police “which will be constantly monitoring our hot spots with the addition of being able to supervise traffic and vehicles, a very important tool to dissuade the commissions of crimes”. Likewise, he referred to the drone operational service or the innovative intervention unit“whose troops are uniformed differently and have a series of new tools to work on controls or closure of establishments.”

For his part, the commissioner of the National Police has detailed that the arrival of new troops to the city “will allow strengthening the investigation and citizen security units”, while reporting that it will be set up a team of telemarketers to cover the cameras and an operational response group, which will depend on citizen security. “Our objective is to increase services so that there is the greatest possible number of Zetas on the street”, she has indicated. Likewise, regarding the most innovative technical means, he has emphasized the drone unit with a thermal camera “that we use to carry out preventive surveillance at night.”

Lastly, Martín recalled that the population “multiplies exponentially during the summer months in the municipality, which means that all police operations are one hundred percent to be able to serve all the needs that citizens require. In this sense, he has specified that “we reinforce the devices so that there is a Greater police presence at times and areas with a high influx of people” of all units: traffic, intervention, citizen security, cavalry squad, quads and drone operational services.

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