The Local Government Board of the Marbella City Council has approved this Monday the file for the modification of the ‘strategic plan for subsidies 2020-2022’ for the current year to adapt it to the new reality after the pandemic, for which it has incorporated help lines for associations and groups in the municipality that will add nearly 300,000 euros to a budget of 18.5 million, as announced by the municipal spokesman Felix Romero.

The mayor has indicated that this change will be published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga (BOPMA) and the website www.marbella.eswhich will mean “turning our resources towards those who carry out work of social interest once overcome the difficult stage marked by the Covid-19which led us to cover the impact caused by the health crisis when said plan was approved in 2020”.

According to the new incorporations, the mayor has detailed that will benefit the taxi sector, within the Transport area, with a view to adapting vehicle licenses to people with reduced mobility; the Cudeca and Global Gift Foundations within the delegation of Social Rights; or the Marbella Fishermen’s Association in the field of Environment and Beaches.

On the other hand, the changes will benefit young people with help for driving licenseas well as the Marbella Casino Cultural Recreational Society in terms of Culture and Heritage, among others. Romero has indicated that said plan, which has a budget greater than 18.5 million euros, will add close to 300,000 euros with the new subsidy lines.

On the other hand, the Local Government Board has also taken another step in the forced expropriation process for the execution of the project of works and conditioning of the margins of the Istán road.

The councilor recalled that “we already realized at the beginning of March of the start of the file on a series of plotsspecifically three, one of 39,147 square metres, another of 45,641 and the third of 23,382.

“The next move was establish the list of assets subject to expropriation, publish it in the Official Gazette, wait for the corresponding allegations and the The Governing Board has approved this list of affected assetsenabling the City Council to carry out the occupation of the same, which is the previous step before they can be transferred to the Andalusian Government in order to carry out the work as soon as possible”, he pointed out.

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