During the last 15 years, the Marbella City Council has faced the payment of more than 400 millions euros, debts generated in the municipal coffers during the ‘was Gil’. The shadow of the Mayor’s Office in Marbella by Jesús Gil continue to refer to economic and legal consequences for the current government of the coastal town, which has yet to solve problems with third parties, debts that date back to a time that seemed far away.

In addition to these 400 million euros of debt, the amount is will increase on 43 million euros more, which will be destined to pay a series of court proceedings with a firm sentence that respond to certain claims of those years.

In order to face these large payments, the Full will be submitted for approval next Monday, September 13th, that the Consistory can welcome the State Management Fund to pay that amount. On the other hand, from the Town Hall of the town it is expected that this will be the last bill in relation to the ‘Gil era’.

The amount that the Government of Marbella will request from the State Management Fund will be Returned on ten years. Regarding the collateral consequences of the payment of these debts, which “They will be minimal”, as indicated, Felix romero, municipal spokesman and councilor for the Treasury, will consist of a 4 percent cut in current spending, without the need to raise taxes or reduce the workforce.

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