The City Council of Marbella will allocate 180,000 euros this year to the renewal of the food guarantee programme, which has already benefited more than 800 families through the purse card system, according to the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Monday.

The councilor has underlined after the signing of a new collaboration agreement with the president of the DYA Association (Stop and Help) Joaquín Mejías, that “as public managers we have the obligation for resources to reach those who need them most”. This entity is in charge of processing this aid launched in May 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Muñoz, who has clarified that the budget item “can be extended as we did last year to reach 300,000 euros”, he recalled that people in vulnerable situations “can go directly with these cards to supermarkets to purchase food and essential items.

At this point, he stressed that despite the fact that it was an initiative that was promoted at the beginning of the health crisis, “there are still families experiencing difficulties and we cannot leave anyone behind”, to which he added that the delegation of social rights “It is one of the areas that with 14 million euros in 2022 has increased its budget”.

For her part, the manager of DYA Málaga, Paqui Muñoz, has detailed that the cards, which function as purchase vouchersthey have a defined monetary value between 100 and 150 euros depending on the members of the family unit.

Beneficiaries, who must submit an application and meet a series of requirements, access a list of products priced and prefixed. “This program is very important to be able to provide a solution to the demands of many families that with this help can reach the end of the month”, he pointed out.

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