The City Council of marbella has signed a collaboration agreement with the Positive Advance association to respond to the demands of HIV patients and develop programs related to people at risk of social exclusion or in educational matters, as announced on Thursday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has valued the work of the social entitywhich operates from San Pedro Alcántara for the entire Costa del Sol, and added that the game of 25,000 euros It will serve mainly for the development of programs aimed at people at risk of social exclusion with this type of infection or to make young people aware of prevention habits.

Muñoz has highlighted the impulse of the president of the collective, Dr. José Luis Pradaand his team “in matter of detection, prevention and follow-up of diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis or syphilis after the cessation of Concordia’s activity” and added that “this subsidy comes to support their work because we understand that it is the best way to collaborate, since for us as an administration it would be impossible to cope with all the work they do”. In this sense, he recalled that this year “we allocated more than 4 million euros to entities, mainly in the social field, to support their programs”.

For his part, Dr. Prada thanked the City Council for granting the aid “with which we can develop our business plan. “One of the issues that most concerned us was related to the people at risk of social exclusion that they have to live with HIV and that without help they can have problems”.

In this sense, this subsidy will allow the entity to develop this program and others such as the diagnosis of the C virus. “It will also help us actions in education with the aim that our young people acquire prevention habits and for the psychological support of patients who have to live with these infections”, he specified.

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