The municipal body of Marbella firefighters has launched a humanitarian project consisting of train cadets in Lebanon in fire fighting and in transporting personal protective equipment, clothing and 5 tons of food to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, with the aim of supporting those who share the same job from miles away.

The project will start tomorrow Friday, August 20, at 10:30 a.m., at which time the containers with the various materials will leave the municipal warehouse of the La Ermita Industrial Park direction to the Lebanese city.

The origin of this collaboration plan dates back to last year, when the big bang of the port of beirut and Marbella firefighters participated in the work of location Y people rescue in the affected region. After that intervention, the Beirut firefighters requested, not only food and equipment, but also training, with the aim of prevent future catastrophes in the zone.

The bodies of firefighters of Mijas, Málaga and Córdoba, in addition to Firefighters Without Borders and the La Cañada Shopping Center, have also contributed grains of sand in this solidarity project, of which, the Lebanese and member of the Rotary Club, Emile issa, is “tremendously grateful and proud.”

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