The Marbella Town Hall has convened the first public job offer through internal promotion for more than a decade, apart from the special bodies of the Local Police and Firefighters, and a call will be opened to fill 14 positions for municipal technicians, as announced on Monday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

This was explained by the councilor after the celebration of the Local Government Board, where he reported that with the procedure “we are committed to continuing structuring and organizing the template and for facilitating a professional career for officials”.

The mayor has detailed that it is positions of technicians of the general administration (8), as well as for higher IT and electronic administration technicians (2), human resources (1) and occupational risk prevention (1), together with a vacancy for a health inspector and another for a lawyer.

“When summoned by the contest-opposition system for internal promotion, will mean significant savings by having staff who already provide their services in the Marbella City Council”, said Romero, who clarified that once the process is completed, the vacancies not covered could be freely offered.

It has also stressed the importance of senior computer technicians “to continue advancing in the implantation of the electronic administration and in the modernization of the Consistory”. Finally, he pointed out that these procedures will continue with mid-level technicians and with administrative staff “to continue maintaining the commitment to directly provide public services instead of outsourcing them.”

In another order of things, the go-ahead has been given to a Report on the Partial Plan Los Verdiales 3, a plot located to the east of the urban area, next to the promenade and the old national highway 340. Romero has pointed out that the construction of some twenty high-quality homes is planned on these lands and that, as a preliminary step for urban development, , a report required by the General Directorate of Telecommunications was necessary regarding the infrastructures to be undertaken. “Once approved, it will be sent to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation so that it can give its approval and continue with the urban planning process,” he added.

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