The Plenary Session of the City Council Corporation of Marbella has approved this Friday a “fiscal package”, that contemplates for the elaboration of the municipal budgets of 2023 a series of bonuses and exemptions aimed at citizens and the productive fabric, which has gone ahead with the votes in favor of the PP, Cs and OSP and the abstention of the PSOE.

The Councilor for the Treasury, Félix Romero, has been in charge of presenting the fiscal measures that the government team has previously approved in the Local Government Board, emphasizing that they pursue “preserve social spending, maintain public investment and friendly fiscal pressure”.

During his speech, the mayor has alluded to the 50% exemption on the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) for Official Protection Housing (VPO) with the aim of “attracting investment” that develops this type of urban development in the city. In addition, with regard to this tax, the package of fiscal measures contemplates “the 90% bonus” to implant points electric recharging in order to “promote the transition” to “electrolineras”.

In another order of things, Romero has highlighted that aid to large families is increased in the Real Estate Tax (IBI), with an exemption of 100 euros per child compared to the 45 previously granted. In this section, we have referred to the “40% rate reduction” practiced since 2013 by the Consistory.

On the other hand, he pointed out thatthe fee for health services is repealed” for aspects such as “inspection and reopening of collective swimming pools”, veterinary health or analysis of products for human consumption made by laboratories.

Also, it has been approved elimination of “the fee for the issuance of documents and copies of paper in administrative files”, as well as “the transmission of taxi licenses is reduced to include second-degree relatives within the reductions”.

In matters of School transportation, the councilor for the Treasury has advanced that in the case of the third child who uses the service it will be free, and it is added a 50 percent reduction for large families. While in the sports field, “a 20% reduction in prices” of activities is contemplated.

For her part, the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has stressed that the package of fiscal measures will mean a saving of “15 million euros”, among which are the 7 million that in each budget year the City Council allocates to the concessionaire of the urban public transport for free to registered citizensremembering that it is a “pioneering” bet that other municipalities such as Benalmádena or Fuengirola are “copying”.

The PSOE spokesman, José Bernal, has criticized that according to the “technical reports”, the total expected savings of these measures for citizens is “185,322 eurosfor which he has accused the government team of “lying”, as well as questioning “who gets the remaining 14.8 million”.

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