The Plenary Session of the City Council Corporation of marbella has approved this Friday, for unanimity of all political groups, ask the central government to liberalize the AP-7 Mediterranean Highway as it passes through the Costa del Sol in the event of an accident.

The Transport and Mobility delegate, Enrique Rodríguez, has been in charge of defending the motion, which has been presented by the municipal group of the Popular Party (PP), to which a amendment presented by the group of Option Sampedreña (OSP).

Rodríguez has highlighted that the proposal arises as a result of the accident suffered on May 5 as a result of the Overturning of a lorry on the Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7at the height of the population center of San Pedro Alcántara, and which caused retentions of more than 15 kilometers and the collapse of traffic towards Algeciras.

Thus, the Councilor for Transport has outlined the points of the motion, which include “immediately starting the procedures to approve protocols that are effective and necessary for liberalization of the Highway in case of emergency and accident”, as well as “improve and condition road safety on the A-7 Mediterranean Highwayin such a way as to reduce the accident rate”.

On the other hand, the proposal includes “the promotion of infrastructures that serve to improve mobility in the city and create traffic alternatives”, in addition to adopting “urgent and compensatory measures until the construction of the same as discounts on tolls, price reductions or exemptions for the neighbors”, added the municipal person in charge of Transport.

“We ask the Government not to leave the neighbors lying in exceptional urgent and emergency situations and do not leave them trapped for hours”, stressed the mayor, who lamented the lack of “a protocol” for this type of circumstance such as “the punctual liberalization of the toll of the AP-7 Motorway”.

In this way, he has assessed that “there are no effective tools for the Highway to serve as an alternative” to the situation of collapse, while criticizing that on May 5 the central Executive did not adopt this measure after the request of the mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz, who added that it should be undertaken “automatically”.

On the other hand, in the ordinary session of May, the Plenary of the Corporation has given the green light, unanimously by all the political groups, to the motion presented by the popular group to “request the increase in rail services to the central government and that the province of Malaga access to the “low cost trains” that Renfe is offering to the autonomous communities of Valencia and Catalonia, according to the mayor of Commerce, Félix Romero.

As stated, the measure represents a “assault on fate”, since it offers trips in those regions for “20 or 30 euros”, which implies that they are “economically competitive”, just as the motion includes the historical demand that “the railway connections arrive” to the city.

Also in terms of mobility, with the support of all the political groups, an OSP proposal has been approved for the construction of a new roundabout in the between the savenias Burgos and La Coruña, as well as steel. On the other hand, in the plenary session the Councilor’s resignation of Social Rights in San Pedro Alcántara, Begoña Ruedaand Carlos Alcalá has taken office.

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