The Local Government Board of the Marbella City Council has approved this Monday a detailed study on the rearrangement of volumes buildings within each of the plots, with a view to the future urban development of the area of ​​Elviria Sur and building licenses for an amount of four million euros, as announced by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

The mayor has indicated that “it will be sent to sectoral reports of the Junta de Andalucía and the Demarcation of Roads of the State of Eastern Andalusia, so that the green light can be given to the growth of said enclave and it is possible to initiate the granting of licenses”.

He has also announced that the municipal body has also given the go-ahead this morning to a series of building permits“highlighting one of them almost a million euros for a single family residence. “This fact once again puts the accent on the attractiveness that Marbella represents for investors who wish to come and reside in our municipality”, Romero highlighted.

On the other hand, it has been reported granting of a subsidy of 549,000 euros to contribute to the digital transformation of the Marbella City Council“which must be applied this year and next and which comes to constitute an additional knock to the proposal made by this Municipal Corporation for the modernization of all computer systems and the procedures that are carried out to make management more accessible and agile to the citizen”, indicated the spokesman.

In addition, the councilor added that there has also been informed of two calls for grants where the Consistory will probably concur. One of them, referring to the Schools of Music and Dance dependent on local entities and the other, in the field of drug dependency and addictions, aimed at private non-profit entities for the maintenance of headquarters and maintenance of programs and Andalusian local entities for community prevention.

In another order of things, the Governing Board has notified the publication of the seniority scale of employees in the taxi sector for the granting of ten new municipal licences, which is now subject to a 15-day public argument period, as well as 8 judicial decisions that are sent to each of the services so that they are fulfilled literally.

“Edicts also continue to be raised in the process of endowment of the places that are pending, as is the case of the internal promotion of the Local Police in the case of an inspector and a mayor”, said the spokesman, who also informed that “we are also continuing with the processing of sectoral reports that have to do with the General Urban Planning Plan”.

In this sense, a document has been completed and sent rectification request from the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Families on the need to carry out a family health impact report, within the strategic and environmental impact.

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