The Plenary Session of the City Council Corporation of marbella ha unanimously condemned this Friday the situation that Ukraine is suffering after the Russian invasion and has approved improvement projects in the east zone of the city for more than six million euros.

In this way, the plenary has approved a institutional declaration of “firm and explicit” condemnation to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and has shown its support for the action of the Government of Spain, in collaboration with NATO allies and the European Union, aimed at putting an end to this situation “of the use of force against a democratic and sovereign state”, as highlighted by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has thanked “the support of all groups to a letter that we will send to the competent institutions” and that shows “respect for the right of all nations to preserve their territorial identity without it being able to be undermined for reasons of geographical proximity, affinity, language or ethnicity”, while asking the central Executive “to negotiate as soon as possible in Brussels a humanitarian aid plan for the Ukrainian civilian population”, to which it has shown your solidarity.

Regarding the improvements in Las Chapaswith motions carried out urgently and that have had the favorable votes of the PP, Ciudadanos and PSOE and the abstention of OSP, the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, has explained that “it is about giving response to historical debts what did they have to do with the urbanization process which developed, above all, in the eastern area of ​​Marbella during the 1970s”.

Specifically, it has been raised to the Plenary for the Authorization of multi-annual expenditure on works of improvement of the infrastructure of supply, sanitation and pluvial in the Costabella and Hacienda Las Chapas developmentsjust as it began in El Rosario.

In this regard, Romero has pointed out that “they were not provided with the necessary infrastructures, what makes many of the properties lack something as basic as a sanitation network for the channeling of their wastewater.

The initiative, which will have both environmental and urban repercussions in the area, will have a tender budget of more than six million euros (4.1 in the case of Costabella and 2.03 in Hacienda Las Chapas). The project, as indicated by the mayor, will be co-financed 50 percent by the Consistory25 percent by Acosol and the remaining 25 percent by the respective communities of owners.

“The works are contemplated in a Collaboration agreement and they will allow the connection of the network to the system that manages the integral water cycle of the Western Costa del Sol through the municipal sewage network”, he specified, announcing that the Execution will be spread over several years until 2026.

On the other hand, the green light has been given to budget increases for more than twelve million“which suppose an incorporation to the budget that we made initially, given the difficult economic situation of last year and the turnaround that we have given to the situation, which has led us to have more than 17 million remaining for general expenses.

This has been detailed by the also councilor for the Treasury, who has specified that of the 11.2 million taken to plenary session will be allocated 2.9 million to Consulting and Heritage to meet legal expenses and forced expropriations; just over 100,000 euros for Organization, in order to balance the cost of the increase in fuel; others 200,000 euros for Industry and Commerce, with most going to the markets and replenishing subsidies to industry associations; more than five million for the Department of Works, another almost two for the leveling of the items of electricity and water consumption and another item for sports sponsorship.

On the other hand, it has been approved, with the votes in favor of the Government and Citizens team and the PSOE and OSP abstaining, a extraordinary credit budget modification which, as Romero has specified, “is an extension with charge to the resources obtained by urban fines, that also make up the Municipal Land Heritage (PMS), and does not imply the decrease of any item”.

He has indicated that “it is a collection that requires a great debugging work and that has allowed have an amount of 1,350,000 euros that will finance three performances”. Specifically, a total of 600,000 euros will be invested in the construction of a multipurpose care center on Pablo Ráez Boulevard, attached to the Las Albarizas ambulatory, which will have an area of ​​550 square meters and will house an emergency unit; 650,000 euros will go to the construction of the Las Chapas swimming pool, which is projected on a plot of 5,500 square meters of land and which provides the area with new sports equipment that also includes gardens, changing rooms, a multipurpose room, offices or paddle tennis courts, and around 110,000 euros will pay for a new service building linked to the mobility area and especially to the taxi sector, which will be located in the Paco Cantos sports center.

The plenary session also unanimously endorsed a proposal for the assignment of street names to José López Solórzano, Juan Cervera and Francisco Hormigowhich, as the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has underlined, “are three exemplary people who have left their mark on the city and who deserve this recognition”.

Likewise, the green light has been given, with the support of Ciudadanos and PSOE, to a motion presented by the councilor of the branch, Enrique Rodríguez, for the adhesion of the municipality to the Local Health Action Network of Andalusia (RELAS). The mayor has stated that “it is a first step for the development of a municipal plan in the field of health that is committed to planning its management since, as the pandemic has shown, it is key and effective”.

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