The City Council of marbella approved this Monday the bases for convene a total of 40 places for the security forces of the town, with 28 for the Local Police and 12 for Firefightersas announced on Monday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a press conference after the Local Government Board, where she was accompanied by the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, remarking “the decided bet” of the local government in the field of security.

Muñoz has estimated that the calls will be published both in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga (BOPMA), as well as in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Government (BOJA) and in the Official State Gazette (BOE) at the end of the month of “April”, from which time applications can be submitted.

Specifically, he specified that of the 28 Local Police positions 22 will be “free shift” and 6 “mobility”“, namely, agents who “are in other locations and that they can request displacement here”. The mayor has calculated that the inauguration of these new public employees will take place “next year” after passing through the academy for “6 months” once the oppositions are approved.

In the bases approved this Monday in the Local Government Board, the requirements are detailed, among which the councilor has highlighted that the candidates must have the “Complete Baccalaureate” and “motorcycle and car licenses” as “indispensable”. In addition, he has recalled that this type of candidacy requires “physical tests, a multiple choice test and a psychotechnical test”.

Muñoz has referred to this job offer as “the largest public call of this nature that we have had in Marbella”, which will add “40 new professionals linked to the security area and that a very important part replaces the retirements that are taking place in the workforce”.

Muñoz recalled that so far this term has been issued several calls for cover various positions in both local security forcesassessing that it will end with the positions approved today with “27 more firefighters and 60 new police officers”.

On the other hand, the mayor has highlighted “the commitment that we adopted as a government team and as a project for the legislature of provide the local police with better means”, for which you have listed performances as the installation of “video surveillance cameras, the transformation of the rooms, the technological application that has been adopted in cars or motorcycles or the new equipment in which a special effort has been made”.

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