The Marbella Town Hall has approved this Tuesday the building license for the comprehensive remodeling of the five-star Gran Lujo Los Monteros hotelwith a project that will have more than 10 million euros in investment, as highlighted by the new Town Planning Councilor, José Eduardo Diaz.

This has been announced by the mayor after the Local Government Board, where he has been accompanied by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, and the director of the General Plan, José María Morente, noting that it is marked as a challenge for this legislature that the “real estate and urban locomotive of the city “become an AVE”, and match the current heights or “exceed them”.

During his speech, Díaz pointed out that the license approved to undertake the renovation works of the tourist plant de Los Monteros is part of the adherence of the five stars to the modernization decree of the Junta de Andalucía, which will allow the number of rooms to be increased.

In this sense, it has specified that the establishment it will go from “179 to 200 rooms” luxury, and will offer a total of 450 beds compared to the 380 it has so far, as well as aspects such as “the pool and the aesthetics of the environment” will be renewed.

Investment of 10 million euros

As the councilor has highlighted, the five-star property will carry out a investment of “10 million euros” to undertake the reforms to update and comprehensive reform of the hotel, which opened its doors in 1962 with 35 rooms, with an execution period that will last more than a year, has pointed out.

the five stars closed its doors in november last year on the occasion of the renovation works of the La Cabane beach club and the hotel plant, which, according to the Urban Planning councilor, will begin “shortly” after the license granted this Tuesday by the Local Government Board of the City Council of Marbella.

The municipal manager has celebrated that the update of Los Monteros is added to the renewal of the hotel offer that the city is experiencing in recent years thanks to the regional modernization decree, such as the hotels “El Fuerte, Pinomar, Eurostar, Villa Parra Palomera, San Cristóbal, Estrella del Mar, Don Pepe, Guadalmina Don Carlos that is in the project, Hard Rock Marbella, Don Miguel or the one located in Los Altos de Los Monteros”.

Green light to works for almost 12 million

On the other hand, the Town Planning councilor has reported that the Governing Board has given the green light to several building permits for a value of “almost 12 million euros”, Fundamentally for the construction of “villas and housing reforms”.

In this way, it has indicated that the municipal management body has approved “13 major work licenses for 9.8 million euros”, and that have to do with the “rehabilitation and construction of new houses” distributed by the municipal term. In addition, he has indicated that 10 permits totaling 1,850,000 euros for “remodeling” work on real estate have gone ahead.

On the other hand, he has indicated that the Governing Board of the Marbella City Council has approved “a report” so that the works of the Costabella urbanization They will allow “include all the necessary facilities that are not only sanitation and water, but the rest of the services.” At this point, the person in charge of the General Plan, José María Morente, has detailed that the inclusion of “telecommunications” in the residential area, which dates from the 60s of the last century, will be included in the works.

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