H10 Andalucía Plaza, Marbella.
H10 Andalucía Plaza, Marbella.
  • News: The construction of the Four Seasons resort will mean “a great economic injection” for the Costa del Sol.

The Local Government Board of the Marbella City Council has approved the license for the reform of the H10 Andalucía Plaza, an action that, with an execution budget of three million, “reflects the potential and the constant evolution of the municipality’s hotel plant,” as highlighted by the Councilor for Land Management and Housing, María Francisca Caracuel, who has highlighted the commitment of the new investment group to “upgrade the facilities and offer a higher level offer to its customers”.

“The hotel complex maintains the category of 4 stars, but reduces its number of beds with the aim of creating several suite-type rooms, will improve its facilities in an integral way and will build a new swimming pool on the first floor, in addition to carrying out important actions in terms of accessibility ”, stressed the mayor, who explained that “The works will be carried out during the low season since the hotel wants to reopen in spring”, has pointed out.

Caracuel has indicated that this new investment in tourism is added to projects such as the Four seasons, whose partial plan was approved last week in plenary; the future W hotel; the shortly reopening of the Club Med Magna Marbella, formerly Don Miguel; the requalification in a 4-star establishment of the Lima hotel or the recent granting of the license for the reform of El Fuerte to become a five-star hotel. “We continue to be an attractive destination to invest and we continue working to attract projects of these characteristics”, he highlighted.

New licenses for single-family homes

On the other hand, the municipal Executive has also given the green light in today’s meeting to five new licenses for single-family homes, with a budget of 6 million euros. At this point, the councilor recalled that, despite the pandemic, “activity in the areas of urbanism and planning has not suffered and the profile of the buyer is high purchasing power, which demands both quality real estate and environments.”

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