The plenary session of the Marbella Town Hall Corporation has approved this Friday the modification of the sewerage regulatory ordinance in order to carry out improvement and renovation works for a value of 16 million euroswhich will mean “modifying the rates”, a measure that has gone ahead with the votes in favor of the PP and the abstention of the PSOE, OSP and Cs.

The Councilor for the Treasury, Félix Romero, has been in charge of defending the motion, who has explained that jobs will go charge of the sewerage service concessionaire, Hidralianoting that the ‘sanitation master plan details “the works that are a priority”.

In this way, he has detailed that the plan has designed “9 performances that import the amount of 16 million euros”, among which he has highlightedthe relocation and hydraulic and environmental management of the sanitation of Arroyo Benabolá, in Nueva Andalucía, or the “improvement of the urban planning infrastructures of El Trapiche avenue”.

To this he added “the Provision of sanitation and complementary sewerage infrastructures on the Camino de los Pescadoresthe connection works to the municipal sewage system in the La Capellanía sector and in Lomas del Virrey, the renewal of the improvement of the public network and sewage system of Peral, Almendros, Los Naranjos, Monda and Vejer streets or the improvement of drainage with increase of collectors at the source of the ships”.

Likewise, they contemplatethe new collection points on Maestro José Molina streets and the Gabi Lima roundabout in Marbellathe renovation of the public sewerage network and complementary works in Fuentenueva de San Pedro street and the renovation and improvement of the sewerage system in José Echegaray”.

The mayor has outlined the investment for these works, which must be undertaken by the concessionary company “rebalancing that concession”, noting that 5 million will go to Marbella, another 5.5 to San Pedro, the same figure to the Benabolá area and just under a million to La Capillanía. In this way, he has qualified that “the agreement proposes modify sewage rates to finance these works with a fixed fee of one euro per contract and a variable fee ranging from 0.10 to 0.25 euros per cubic meter”.

As the councilor explained, “this means a difference for a typical family of 4 people with an average consumption of 3.8 cubic meters per person of approximately 1.50 euros per month”, assuring that “receipts will be reduced as a result of the suppression of the regional purification canon”.

In another order of things, it has come out ahead initially, with the favorable votes of the PP and the abstention of the rest of the political groups, the second modification of the urban regulations of the General Plan of Marbella, a measure that is adopted in order to “make urban planning more flexible” in terms of uses and equipment, as stated by the Councilor for Territorial Planning, María Francisca Caracuel.

The mayor has highlighted in the defense of the motion that the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of 1986 “is very rigid” in terms of land use and equipment, for which reason it has considered that the “public interest” of the measure is “amply justified”.

In this sense, he has elaborated that “there are areas where the uses are not compatible and there are deficiencies in certain services”, for which he has given as an example the existence of “urbanizations in which it is not possible to have a commercial offer and you have to take the car to get around”.

Caracuel recalled that the first modification of urban regulations occurred in 2018while he has stressed that with the new changes they will allow “incorporating new uses” because “reality requires new types of equipment” such as “high performance sports centers or “a compatible hotel use” with other activities such as hospitality.

The Plenary has also unanimously approved a motion presented by the popular group to know the installation project of a wind farm off the coast of the municipality.

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