The plenary session of the Marbella Town Hall Corporation has unanimously approved this Friday to demand that the central government assets seized in corruption cases revert to the citya motion that has gone ahead for unanimity of the political groups.

The Councilor for the Treasury, Félix Romero, has been in charge of defending the proposal, recalling that “the mortgage generated by the corruption of the Gil governments it will not be canceled until the year 2040″ and where he has highlighted that despite this the City Council “has sufficient resources to eliminate this slab without affecting investment or services”.

“The corruption debt with Marbella seems difficult to pay”, stressed the also municipal spokesperson in relation to the “economic damage caused to Marbella and its citizens”, due to the fact that “the Priority in collecting will be given to the Treasury” and “the City Council went to the second row in terms of debtors”.

Therefore, the motion claims “the pertinent legal instruments to revert this unfair situation”. “We are like in 2010, with Treasury collecting its fines and without this City Council having preference over the State, which charges without having suffered corruption and the city that pays the bill is prevented from doing so”, he added.

At the same time, it has regretted that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “has returned us to the starting point and it has eliminated from the General State Budgets all the improvements that we had obtained”, recalling that during the Rajoy Executives “the postponement of the doubt, the preference of the City Council over the Treasury to count the compensation of the courts and the application of what was obtained in fines for actions of public utility and social interest”.

On the other hand, the Plenary has unanimously approved a motion to urge the National Government to execute the stabilization projects for the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro, that has been defended by the councilor of Citizen Participation, Enrique Rodríguez, who has highlighted the 10,000 signatures collected by the training together with the platform of emerged spikes.

The mayor lamented that “five years later everything remains the same”, highlighting the state of the processing of the stabilization project for the beaches of San Pedro, which “is waiting for a report for which the Government has not taken a step for two years.” At this point, he has alluded to the “political will”, recalling the initiative promoted by the City Council with the drafting of a project for La Venus beach, which has been done in “7 months”.

For his part, the PSOE spokesman, José Bernal, has criticized the government team of “political manipulation” in relation to the campaign to request the breakwaters, with “a platform with members and public officials of the PP collecting signatures”, which he has also accused of “diverting attention from the scandals that we are learning about”, in reference to the Swedish plot, in which the husband and stepson of the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, are being prosecuted for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking”, although the procedure being investigated by the National Court has been paralyzed against the first due to his state of health.

At this time, the socialist group has taken the opportunity to show a collection of 10,000 signatures that he did in 2010 to ask that the Hacienda de Toros not be closed. “These are real, and collected by hand by the neighbors, by those who suffered so much and who were hurt so much by drugs in this city, and that you, Mrs. Muñoz, closed in 2010 the therapeutic center that treated the people of Marbella that they were going through addiction hell”, has reproached the PSOE spokesman.

The socialist group shows the signatures collected against the closure of the Hacienda de Toros in 2010.

The socialist group shows the signatures collected against the closure of the Hacienda de Toros in 2010.


Maria Jesus Serrano


“When we know what you mean and what surrounds you in your family, I sometimes wonder 10 years later if when bull ranch closed It was related to many of the things we are learning about at the moment”, Bernal rebuked.

On the other hand, a motion presented by the Councilor for Territory Planning, Francisca Caracuel, regarding the “processing of the punctual modification of elements of the Dunas Alicate sector”, where the future W hotel will be located, when requiring the Demarcation of Coasts documentation on “architectural barriers and a new sectorization plan” for final approval by the Junta de Andalucía.

Likewise, the Plenary has unanimously approved the Award of the City Medal to the Hermandad Nuestra Señora del Rocío, to the businessman Cristóbal Parra and to the Center for Attention to Child Diversity (CADI), a motion presented by the PSOE so that the betting houses are moved away at least 500 meters from the educational centers and another to combat the digital divide.

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