The City Council of Marbella approved this week building permits for 46 homes for a value of 22 million euros, which shows “the intense activity of this sector and with an outstanding growth registered this year”, as announced this Monday by the Councilor for Land Management, Francisca Caracuel.

This has been highlighted by the municipal official after the local Government Board, where they have come forward 5 licenses for 3 properties and two urban developments, noting that “it is not a bad way to end the year.”

Specifically, the mayor has detailed that in the last local Government Board of the year they have approved 3 licenses for “exempt single-family homes”, each of which presents “a budget for material execution that ranges between half a million and 700.00 euros.”

On the other hand, Caracuel has advanced that the municipal management body has granted two building permits for the construction of Urban “two promotions”, one of them for “12 semi-detached single-family homes” in the Villa Parra Palomera area with a material execution budget of 6.5 million euros.

The other promotion contemplates “the basic project for 32 single-family homes semi-detached ”in the Barronal sector with an execution budget of“ 14.3 million euros ”. In this sense, it has specified that in total “construction licenses have been given for 46 homes with a material execution budget of around 22 million euros”, stressed Caracuel.

The person in charge of Spatial Planning has highlighted that the data for the years 2020 and 2021 indicate that “the construction activity in Marbella it has been maintained, and even increased ”, despite registering this period a health, economic and social crisis marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the councilor, this behavior of the sector is due to “new buyer profile “ characterized by having a “middle age, coming from Spain or Europe, professional and demanding a quality product with the intention of residing and exercising their work responsibilities from our city through teleworking”.

Thus, he added that “demands a housing with quality levels high, normally single-family, free-standing and with a garden area ”, which“ has been noticing with the increase in the budget for the material execution of the work ”.

“The licenses that have been approved show the intense urban activity that our city lives, and this is an important piece of information because since the crisis that has been dragging on since 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic, our tourism industry has suffered ”, pointed out the municipal official.

Caracuel has launched a message regarding the data that the Consistory publishes periodically on the building licenses, noting that “we do not want to convey the impression that our city is being intensively built”, indicating that “the licenses that are granted and the houses that are built are made according to the General Plan of 1986, which is the current one ”.

In this way, he has clarified that “the 86 Plan maintains the garden city model that we defend and a construction that is totally sustainable ”.

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