The City Council of Marbella has approved at the beginning of September urban planning licenses for a value of 5.5 million euros, highlighting the authorization of first occupation for the implantation of a designated commercial space or supermarket in the San Pedro Alcántara industrial estate with an investment of 1,158,000 euros, as announced this Monday by the spokesman for the government team, Félix Romero.

The councilor has highlighted after the Local Government Board that it has been green light for “a dozen” urban licenses, noting that said processing shows that “the city continues to be an attractive place to invest ”.

Specifically, Romero has detailed that most of the authorizations have been granted for “single-family homes “whose prices range” between 500,000 and 700,000 euros“, While highlighting the granting of a first occupation license for”a commercial building that will house a large surface”Which will be part of one of the Carrefour group brands.

Regarding the project, he pointed out that it has “a material execution budget of 1,158,000 euros “ and it will be built on “an area of ​​2,680.91 square meters of roof” for “a large area will remain an additional service to the citizens of San Pedro Alcántara.” In addition, he has pointed out that the supermarket chain will create a total of “60 jobs”.

The municipal spokesman recalled that the first occupation license is “the last procedure”, so expect that the establishment can open its doors “before the end of the year”.

In another order of business, the mayor has reported that the Governing Board has carried out the “modification of two autotaxi licenses ”, vehicles that can be “converted into normals” by register the city’s fleet of “5.76%” of adapted passenger cars for people with reduced mobility thanks to two new licenses granted “a few months ago”.

Romero recalled that “the law establishes the obligation to maintain 5% of the fleet of vehicles dedicated to the taxi to be able to attend to those people who have reduced mobility ”, so the current service “exceeds the required figure and that allows us that these two taxi licenses that have had this request can modify them so that they can be not adapted and with the conditions for normal passage ”.

Likewise, the municipal management body has realized the publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga (BOPMA) last August 27 of the call for the Marbella Crea 2021 Awards, “a contest that aims to recognize the talent of the youth of the municipality between the ages of 14 and 25, to be able to promote the culture and art created by them ”, and which has a budget of 7,200 euros in prizes.

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