The Plenary of the City Council of Marbella has unanimously urged the central government this Friday to keep access to Puerto Banús open from the A-7 highway along Antonio El Bailarín street, towards Cádiz-Málaga, an initiative that arises before the announcement to close this connection and the foreseeable increase in traffic saturation in the area.

The Councilor for Traffic, Enrique Rodríguez, has been in charge of defending the proposal, presented by the popular municipal group, and which has had the support of the PSOE, OSP and Ciudadanos.

“Delete this entry, which was undertaken precisely to relieve pressure on connections to the marina, without having made the third lane or improved the links not the best solution”, The mayor pointed out during his speech, in which he assessed that“ the 3,500 vehicles that use this entrance will cause a greater saturation of the accesses through José Banús avenues and the United Nations, which will see increased traffic by 37.5 percent in both cases ”.

The municipal official explained that on June 28 the Ministry of Transport published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga (BOPMA) the announcement of public information for the closure of this connection, located at kilometer 174.5 of the national highway.

In this sense, it has indicated that the City Council has presented allegations against the file “To avoid complicating road safety and that the national highway becomes a black point”, while it has warned of the consequences it will have for internal traffic within Puerto Banús “Because users will have to make longer routes to access shopping centers or car parks” and to increase the response time of emergency services or public transport. “It is an area that needs projects of greater depth and, if they are not being done, unless the initiatives that were taken previously that are not reversed and the situation becomes more complicated,” he added.

In the ordinary session of September, the green light was also unanimously given to the granting of medals and public congratulations on the occasion of the permanence in the Local Police. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, stressed that during the pandemic “our bodies and security forces have once again stood out for being a benchmark of professionalism, but above all they have made it clear that they are an example of generosity with those who are experiencing the worst “, A point in which he has stressed that” without neglecting all the daily tasks that are entrusted to them, which are not few, they have added other not lacking in responsibility such as tracking people who test positive for Covid in their homes or the control of health regulations in public spaces or establishments ”.

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