The Plenary Session of the City Council Corporation of marbella has approved this Friday by unanimity of all political groups urge the Government of the Nation to incorporate a legislative amendment into the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2022, in order to maintain the possibility that return to the city the fines from the Malaya case.

The proposal has been presented by the popular municipal group and has been defended by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who highlighted during her speech that last year “there was just over 3 million euros” deposited as fines in the State coffers, assuring that later “there has been an additional income that raises it to 7 and that we did not have the opportunity to have that budget item”.

Muñoz has advocated that the PGE, which are currently being debated, “collect expressly that “the money from the fines obtained by the looting procedures that the city had, fundamentally Malaya, revert to the city for facilities and for actions of general interest”, through the “signing of an agreement” between both administrations.

The municipality has stressed that the State is that “they have the power to be able to give to the city of Marbella what has come from here”, emphasizing that the town has already recovered assets such as the farms of La Caridad or Siete Corchones within the framework of the different judicial procedures, for which he has advocated that “we all ask the Government that this money has to come to Marbella as it has on other occasions”.

In this sense, the first mayor has underlined that the motion has been raised to the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation with the claim that the amount of 7 million entered at present, which “comes from a continuous looting of Marbella”, revert to the city and that “we can dispose of those resources so that they can be disposed of in facilities, in public services, and ultimately, in improvements for the city”.

The councilor has recalled that this measure was already applied in the PGE of the years 2016 and 2018, in which she has indicated that a “express mention”, with which “we had the opportunity to dispose of an additional 3.1 million euros who came here because it was money that had been deposited by those convicted of the different judicial procedures” in the coffers of the central government as fines.

The OSP councilman, Manuel Osorio, has proposed that the measure becomes “institutional” and demonstrate to the State that “the entire Plenary wants this to be a reality and that those funds revert back to minimize the plunder that has taken place”.

On the other hand, in the ordinary session of October, a motion presented by the popular group was unanimously approved to urge the Government of the Nation to incorporate into the PGE of 2023 the specific economic items for the Execution of the stabilization projects of the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara.

The motion has been defended by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, who has indicated that shoreline stabilization is “a demand of the citizens and the tourism sector” to affect the state of the beaches “to the economy and the image” from the city.

Therefore, the motion contemplates urging the central Executive to include in the PGE of 2023 a “specific item” to undertake the Marbella and San Pedro projects, criticizing that they only collect “for Malaga 530,000 euros”, which in his words “de facto prevents the stabilization of the beaches”.

At this point, the councilor of the PSOE, José Bernal, has asked in what state is the drafting of the project for the construction of the breakwater of the beach of La Venus announced by the City Council this year, to which the mayor has affirmed that the same “It is drafted and tendered”.

In another order of things, the members of the Corporation have unanimously supported the granting of acknowledgments granted by the Local Civil Protection service to different professionals for their merits, permanence and collaboration. It is the case of Chief Mayor of the Local Police, Javier Martín, who receives the Cross of Honor from the group for his support, for promoting coordination between both bodies and for his continued history of collaboration, knowledge, time and advice.

Likewise, a proposal from the PP has been unanimously approved to ask for improvements in the frequency and number of seats on AVE trains between Malaga and Madrid; another presented by Cs so that the City Council promotes the elaboration of a universal accessibility ordinance for the municipality; or the proposals by the PSOE so that the Consistory complies with the measures established in the Royal Decree on Energy Savings and study a package of aid to those registered to combat inflation.

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