The Marbella Town Hall has awarded the construction of a skate park of 5,200 square meters in the northern Trapiche area, a facility that will be designed with the advice of BMX world champion Rubén Alcántara and for which an investment of 800,000 euros will be allocated, as reported by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Tuesday.

This was highlighted by the councilor during a visit she made at the beginning of the works, where she recalled that “the young people asked us to have a facility for practice an urban sport which is very much on the rise.”

Muñoz explained that the facility, located in Trapiche Norte, will have with three different play areasmore than 1,000 square meters of gardens and green spaces and parking lots.

“Our objective in this mandate has been carry out necessary equipment distributed throughout the municipal area, without leaving behind any of the commitments we had assumed”, stressed the councilor, who pointed out that “we cannot forget that there has been a pandemic that for two and a half years has led to a change in priorities and in actions as administration”.

The first mayor, who has indicated that the works have an investment of 800,000 euros and an execution period of eight months, has emphasized that it will be located in a “very populated” area, known as La Florida, next to Avenida del Trapiche and the A7 motorway, and that it will have green areas “to integrate in this residential area and with the Mario Vargas Llosa school”.

“It will be a space designed and intended for young people, who sometimes had to go to other parts of the province, not only practice skateboardingbut other modalities such as rollerBMX or scooter”, he pointed out, while stressing that the project has been awarded to a company specialized in this type of equipment.

For his part, Alcántara has stated that the one in Marbella “is going to be the most complete park in Andalusia” and has detailed that it will have three bowlswhich resemble empty pools with curves of different sizes with a small one for initiation, another intermediate and one more professional, “which will allow it to host championships in Spain and even in the world.”

In addition, it will have installations “that imitate what is found on the street such as railings or pyramid-type ramps”. “It is one of the sports most practiced by young people and one that will continue to grow over the years”, he added.

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