The Marbella Town Hall has started the procedures to unblock the development of 14,760 square meters of land in the Xarblanca area through the Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LIST), which contemplates the application of a mechanism called a “management study” that allows the standardization of the project, as announced on Tuesday by the spokesman for the government team, Félix Romero.

The mayor stressed that the approval of the “management study” of these lands It has taken place within the framework of an extraordinary Local Government Board, in which several unfinished concrete structures have been raised for more than a decade, whose construction began because of an urban “agreement” granted in the time of Gil, and therefore lacked legality.

Romero has detailed that the project foresees the construction of 138 homes in an area of ​​10,618 square meters, as well as a civic and sports center on a plot of 4,105 square meters, in an area in which there are “several cadastral plots” that belong to a single owner, in which its development will be unblocked for roads, public equipment and residential use.

The municipal spokesman explained that the new LIST “introduces mechanisms so that the project can be resumed, which was paralyzed due to the annulment of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of 2010”, where there is “some structures that are in skeleton and that they were associated with a stoppage of work” in the PANO09 sector.

As he has pointed out, the works on the plot began in the time of Gilwhen the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of 1986 was in force, which is the same one that is applied to the urban planning of the city at present after the Supreme Court annulled in 2015 the General Plan of 2010. Thus, it has influenced that the document in force “It does not allow that area to be developed”, because “it had a different qualification and incompatible with the project that existed there, that is why the structures are there and that is the history of Marbella”.

Despite this, he has remarked that the LIST establishes the mechanism called “management study”, by which “it is can finish normalization who would have started it while a General Urban Planning Plan was in force, as was the one of 2010”.

The City Council granted a “qualification in accordance” with the PGOU of 2010

Romero has pointed out that “the plot was ordered with the PGOU of 2010”, With which “is given a grade accordingly with the project that existed for that area and with the buildings that still exist”. This is due to the fact that during the validity of that General Plan the promoter carried out “all the requirements that were established for that normalization” in the planning document, but that finally “Couldn’t get the license because later “the plan of 2010 was annulled, and consequently a situation where it was impossible to grant the building permit.”

In this way, it has specified that the annulment of the PGOU of 2010 generated “the legal impossibility to fix this situation until a new law appears, which is the LIST”, which establishes “a mechanism for those entities that have fulfilled all their obligations, and that due to circumstances have not obtained the license within the framework of validity of that urban regulation that allowed them in obtain that license at a given moment” by carrying out the management study, he stressed.

The next step will be to carry out the detailed study

On the other hand, he stressed that “the next step after the management of this plot will be the detail studywhich will be done later.” This will be followed by “obtaining the corresponding building permit and the execution and completion of all those unfinished works that are there and those others that were planned, on which all the requirements were provided, all the compensations that were obligatory and that are really pending development right now”.

In this sense, he pointed out that in the detailed study “the use that each of the buildings will have will be clearly defined black on white”, noting that “andwe are right now in the ordination Study, which ultimately is to open the door to be able to do that other detailed study that is the step prior to obtaining the building permit and the final execution”.

As stated, this mechanism contemplated in the LIST allows “developing that sector”where “the property has some plots that have a vocation to generate a series of services that can be residential, commercial and of all kinds”, with which “what we do is precisely unblock a situation”.

The councilor has stressed the importance for the government team of “avoid a picture of marbella where unfinished structures proliferate”, of which he has stressed that “they generate all kinds of health problems, public order problems at a given moment and image”, more so in an urbanization like Xarblanca and in front of a luxury hotel.

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