The City Council of Marbella has started the demolition and reconstruction works of the wall of the Early Childhood and Primary Education Center (CEIP) Federico García Lorca, that had been propped up for more than three years, an action that has been undertaken due to the risk of the construction being stopped caused by the last rains, as announced by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Wednesday.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in a visit she has made to the school, where she has been accompanied by the mayor of Works, Diego López, to check the start of work.

In this case, the first mayor has indicated that “they are emergency works because after the rains they had to be tackled “, alluding to the rainfall registered on December 24 and 25 in the city, which has meant that the wall” could have a greater risk of collapse. “

Muñoz has detailed that they are going to undertake demolition and reconstruction work on the wall in the western perimeter, where the entrance to the school is located, in an action that the City Council will pay for about 130,000 euros that will later require the Junta de Andalucía as “a subsidiary contribution”.

At this time, he has indicated that “The pre-existing wall is going to be demolished because the circumstances in which the settlement is located have caused that in some sections it has fallen, and therefore, it has to be done entirely ”. Specifically, there are “70 meters of wall that will have a foundation in accordance with the importance of this work”, has pointed out the mayor, who has explained that the soil in the garden “at a certain moment can be deposited on the wall and that It is what has caused that at some point with some rain or circumstance it has yielded ”.

In this sense, he has advanced that “the correct foundation, and it is going to get to the estimated height and recommended by the regulations, which is two meters “, also” taking advantage of the Christmas break. ” Regarding the rest of the perimeter, the first councilor has declared that in this phase they will act on “these 70 meters, and from summer the rest will be recognized, that the work is already under tender to be able to undertake it, which has a greater scope and that he needs a file ”.

Muñoz recalled the conflict over competition that has occurred with the Autonomous Administration, which has delayed the action in the educational center, noting that “on the part of our Intervention they understood that it was not municipal competence, and on the part of the Intervention of the Junta de Andalucía they understood that it was municipal competence ”.

“In the end, take out a file of this type with a contrary report from the auditor himself, both on our part and theirs has its complications, and even legal ones, knowing that a decision of this type cannot be made “, remarked Muñoz, pointing to the problems that could arise later with” a objection by the Court of Accounts ”.

For his part, López has indicated that it will be built “a two meter concrete wall with a one meter band, which will also have a fence at the top that will not be translucent to keep the privacy of the school, one meter in green to safeguard aesthetics ”.

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