The president of the Center for Tourist Initiatives (CIT) Marbella, Juan José González, has requested this Tuesday to the Government of the Nation “rational measures” for the legalization of the marble section of the promenade maritime, for which the government team will propose in plenary apply to the central government for the concession.

This has been highlighted by the business representative in the CIT Marbella partners lunchheld this Tuesday at the La Cabanne Beach Club, where they have participated the mayor, Angeles Muñozand the president of the Association of Hoteliers of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), José Luque, among others.

During the meeting, the group has shown its support for the Marbella City Council in the coastal regeneration defensewhere González has asserted that “we are going to firmly demand that the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge that urgent and rational measures be taken so that both the stabilization of the beaches and the legalization of the promenade are a fact as soon as possible”.

“It is something that is urgent and we are going to ask with all firmness and with all clarity”has remarked the president of the CIT, who has underlined as rational measures aspects such as that “the legalization of the promenade does not involve aggressive measures against the adjoining owners” or “invade”, in relation to the 4-kilometer section included in the marble area, which runs between Arias Maldonado avenue and the Don Pepe Gran Meliá hotel and which was built by former mayor Jesús Gil in 1992.

“It cannot be that after 30 years of promenade now there is to set it back at the expense of land owned by neighboring of the area such as hotels or owners”, declared the business representative, who has valued that the demolition of the section proposed by the central Executive it would affect the tourist destination, “it is not good for investment” and it reflects “legal insecurity”.

The president of the CIT has also had words of support for the processing of the new General Plan after yesterday, Monday, the plenary approved the previous document of the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM), highlighting that it “It is an essential tool for development. of a city like Marbella”, so he hopes that “the second document, which is more relevant, will be released as soon as possible”, in relation to the Urban Planning Plan (POU).

For her part, the mayor has advanced that in the ordinary plenary session in September, which will be held this Friday, the government team will present a proposal to request the central government the concession of the promenade, with which you get lost it is the Consistory that “maintains and determines what the purpose is” of the infrastructure.

“In the promenade must be considered in the general interest and it makes no sense to try to recover a strip to contribute it to the coast, because the essence of the coast and that area have been clearly identified for 30 years”, stressed the municipal official against the demolition project that the Executive of the Nation, remembering that “more than a year ago the City Council presented an allegation in that sense ”.

Muñoz has once again shown his rejection of the demolition of the irregularly built section of the promenade, as supported by a 1998 Supreme Court ruling, stating that “we are totally opposed to a demolition with the excuse that they are going to set back a section of pipe” as there is a master plan of the Junta de Andalucía for “the entire setback”, he has alleged.

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