The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has requested the National Government to increase road infrastructure of the area, as well as it has opted for approaching a strategy that goes beyond the municipal level” for the improvement of communications on the Costa del Sol.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a meeting she held with various hoteliers in the city at the Palacio de Congresos, where they discussed the challenges of the tourism industryamong which the attendees highlighted mobility just one day after the Overturning of a garbage truck on the A-7 Mediterranean Highway at the height of San Pedro that generated retentions of 13 kilometers for six hours.

“If for many years we have been demanding in the medium term the execution of the train that will connect Marbella, what is necessary is that immediately adopt investment measures in new highway road structures”, has revealed the first mayor. The westernmost area of ​​the Costa del Sol currently has two land connection routes such as the Autovía and the Autopista del Mediterráneo A-7 and AP-7 respectively, the first of them registering frequent collapses, mainly during the summer season .

In this way, municipalities such as Marbella, Manilva, Estepona or Casares are affected by the lack of a rail connection that would complement the terrestrial communications of these destinations focused on tourism, in which their population doubles in summer, as is the case of the town of Marbella. This is because the Cercanías train reaches Fuengirolaconnecting the easternmost area of ​​the Costa del Sol with the capital.

Munoz has bet for being “objective” declaring that “if there is something where we all have to agree, and I hope that there is sensitivity on the part of the Government, it is precisely in increase road infrastructure, What are they absolutely insufficient.” The councilor has launched this request to the central Executive on the basis “noor only to the growth that we have in Marbella, but because of the growth that we have throughout the Costa del Sol, and that in the end everything affects the same ways”.

For this reason, the mayor has advocated addressing “a strategy that goes beyond the municipal level” sponsored both by the private sector and by the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, with the aim that “the measures are arbitrated, either to lower the price of the tollwell to look for formulas that allow that alternative that is frequent and constant and that is not something privileged for those who when summer arrives it is unaffordable that in a journey they can pay 15 euros to be able to move”, in reference to the use of the Highway.

On the other hand, Muñoz has made reference to “a project that has to come out” relative to the “widening of the highway between Puerto Banús and San Pedro that has remained in a drawer” and of which he has assured that “it would be totally bearable by the Ministry of Public Works”. In this sense, he has detailed that there is “a feasibility study, there is a preliminary project, there is the budget item that did not exceed 20 million euros, and therefore, it is a claim that I have already put on the table to the Government ”.

The councilor has recriminated that “by the linear structure that Marbella has, and also with the population growth that exists in other neighboring towns such as Estepona, Manilva, Casares or Mijas, it cannot be that everything goes through the same communication channel because that is causing it to collapse”, something that has argued that “our various alternatives are not prepared at the level of communication of the different urbanizations and it is not prepared to absorb that price”.

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