The Plenary of the Municipal Corporation, with the votes in favor of the government team of the PP and Ciudadanos and with the abstention of PSOE and OPS, has agreed this Friday demand that the central government desist from demolishing a part of the promenadeor from Marbella and that declare of public interest “an absolutely consolidated space which is one of the great attractions of the city”, according to the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has been in charge of defending the proposal, in which also urges the Ministry for the Ecological Transition to resolve the allegations filed 15 months ago against an action, “which includes the occupancy of three hotelsthe disappearance of five beach bars, of a part of the houses and the demolition of more than 1,500 meters of layout.

Muñoz has recalled that the project proposed by the State between La Venus and El Ancón “harms the interests of the city”, while underlining that “there are other assumptions similar to that of Marbella in neighboring municipalities where the legality is not questioned nor has any demolition been proposed”.

“When we saw that what was intended was the removal of a portion of the current boardwalk we present allegations”, explained the first mayor, who has advocated why “the lands are disaffected and the infrastructure is legalized”. Likewise, he has indicated that “we want an administrative concession for this infrastructure, which has already been processed before the territorial delegation of Sustainable Development of the Board but which requires the report of the Demarcation of Coasts”.

The mayor, who has asked that the current project is canceledhas remarked that “the public interest is obvious simply because of the age of the boardwalk”to which he added that “the integrity of the maritime-terrestrial public domain is not affected either because it has been built for more than 30 years and because in the 1986 Urban Plan it was already listed as a pedestrian street”.

“We hope that after almost 15 months resolve the allegations”, stated Muñoz, who lamented that “despite the fact that we have invited to Minister Teresa Ribera on more than 12 occasions to visit the city, yesterday he held meetings with the mayors of Malaga and did not deign to come to one of the most important tourist cities”.

In another order of things, in the ordinary session held today, a proposal was unanimously approved so that the gardens located between the street Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno and Arte renamed the Spanish Legion. The councilor has detailed that it is a proposal that is born from the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene “with which we want to recognize the historical and emotional link that unites our city with a military body with more than a century of history that stands out for its spirit of dedication and its vocation for service”. “Our Holy Week, Good Friday, would no longer be understood without the participation of the legionary knights”, he remarked.

Likewise, with the backing of all the political groups, the green light has been given to start up the actions and strategies for Marbella to become ‘Pet friendly’ (‘friend of pets’). In the section on proposals from the municipal groups, a Citizens’ motion has come forward so that the City Council studies the use of the BIZUM platform as a payment system; the OSP initiative to convene the monitoring commission between the Consistory and the Andalusian Health Service to address the planned expansion of the Nueva Andalucía outpatient clinic and the implementation of an action plan against noise and a study to increase the shaded areas in the municipality, the last two raised by the PSOE.

On the other hand, the government team has carried out three motions for the last incorporations of the remainder of the yearwhich will allow increase by 1.5 million euros the items of the urbanization conservation plan and the promenade and at 446,000 euros for green areas. It will also make possible 50,000 euros for Culture, 146,000 euros for sports sponsorships, 81,000 euros that will go to the replacement of environmental and beach infrastructures and another 114,000 euros for transport, among other amounts.

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