The Marbella City Council, in its Monday meeting, has agreed today two building licenses for the development of 71 homes for a budget of material execution of 20 million euros, while the plenary session next Friday will submit for approval a detailed study that will allow the construction of another 88 properties in the municipality. The Councilor for Land Management and Housing, María Francisca Caracuel, has detailed that “the city continues to generate an important economic movement around urban planning” and that also “is registering an increase in activity, also positioning itself as a safe and friendly destination to attract national and European professionals who telework ”.

Caracuel has specified in relation to the two licenses approved today, that one is located in the Lomas de Río Real, where 32 homes are projected, in six multi-family buildings, with an execution budget of 12 million euros. The other is in Los Altos de los Monteros, with 39 homes and a material amount of 8 million euros. “This trend, which is repeated over time, would not be possible if we did not continue to develop planning instruments, such as the one that will be submitted for agreement next Friday in plenary, a detailed study that will enable the construction of 88 homes in the Estrella area del Mar ”, pointed out the mayor. In addition, he stressed that “there is a great demand for buildings of medium and medium-high level, with a client profile in terms of both national and European origin, whose objective is to live and telework in Marbella”. “We are positioned as a favorite destination for this type of client due to our many attractions, such as security, climate or the great complementary offer”, Has indicated.

On the other hand, the municipal government has given account of different subsidies from the delegation of Social Rights, “which demonstrate the commitment of this Corporation with the most vulnerable,” said the local spokesman, Félix Romero, who has shelled the different agreed projects , including that of the Cudeca Foundation for palliative care care for patients with advanced disease in the year 2020 and with an amount of 13,000 euros. The initiative of the Association of Rehabilitated Alcoholics of Marbella has also been justified, for an amount of 8,400 euros, for the program ‘Helping to overcome. Treatment and prevention of relapses’.

Other projects that have received the go-ahead have been the Red Cross program for the Center for Inclusion and Immediate Care for the Homeless for the year 2020, with an amount of 443,700 euros. “It has also been announced today the decree for the recognition of the nominative subsidy to this same entity for the same project this year,” said Romero, who has listed other grants for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (13,000 euros), Bastiano Bergese Foundation (23,251 euros), Caritas (28,000 euros) and Afimars (19,000 euros) for different programs. Likewise, the recognition of obligations has been signed for the DYA groups, the Association of Relatives and Alzheimer’s Patients (AFA) and Marbella Volunteer, “all of them entities that have collaborated closely with Social Rights during the pandemic,” he concluded.

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