The City Council of marbella this Thursday has joined the celebration of the National ADHD Day (Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity), claiming together with the local association Adahimar the need for affected people to receive an early diagnosis and multidisciplinary care for life, according to the Councilor for Social Rights, Isabel Cintado.

The mayor has attended the institutional act that has taken place at the gate of the Consistory of Marbella, in which representatives of the entity have read a manifestoand has highlighted that throughout the day also roundabouts will be illuminated orange of Victims of Terrorism and Marqués del Duero, as well as the Mayor’s Office of San Pedro Alcántara, within the framework of a campaign to make visible the difficulties that this group faces in their day to day.

Cintado wanted to highlight “the magnificent work carried out by Adahimar in this area” and pointed out that “it is necessary that children receive the support they need so that they can have a normalized life and fully integrate into society”, since ADHD affects more than 5% of the child and adolescent population and 2-3% of adults.

The manifesto has emphasized that it is essential that those affected “receive the same health, educational, labor and social guarantees that allow them to develop their full potential because you cannot afford to lose people who are whole-hearted, generous, imaginative, strong and enthusiastic due to a lack of institutional action”.

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