The Marbella City Council has joined this Friday in the celebration of the International Youth Day, with an act that has taken place in the Parque de la Constitución and in which the importance of the group in the defense of values, freedom and solidarity promoted by the European Union.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, attended the meeting together with the councilor for the sector, Enrique Rodríguez, and highlighted “the example of effort, improvement, cooperation and generosity that young people have given in these two very difficult years” and has valued all the resources allocated by the City Council “to promote their talent, bet on training and offer leisure alternatives”.

In this regard, he recalled that the delegation budget has doubled since the beginning of the legislature, which allows us to continue implementing initiatives such as the programs ‘Marbella Creates’ or the recent ‘Verano Joven’, as well as the next call for aid for driving licences.

Rodríguez, for his part, stressed that “it is necessary support the generation that has sacrificed the most during the pandemic and give you hope in a future in which the ecological and digital transition offers you new opportunities” and has indicated that “we must encourage especially the most vulnerable so that they become active citizens and promoters of positive change”. Likewise, he has pointed out that “they are essential partners in the construction of world society and it is essential that the administrations promote policies that foster their personal, social and professional development.”

The mayor has also highlighted that “we are in a time of growing international tensionin which the war in Ukraine has forced many young people to redefine their lives and, in this context, respect for human dignity, democracy, equality and human rights”.

In addition, he has referred to the repercussions that a socioeconomic situation is having for the group that, as he has pointed out, “makes it difficult to future employment, their emancipation and the realization of their life project”. Rodríguez has argued for the need to protect your mental health and emotional well-being, aggravated by the pandemic, and for promoting a positive image of youth that flees from stigmas and stereotypes.

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