The Marbella Town Hall has completed the comprehensive reform of the social innovation center social hub North Trapichewith the recovery of a building that aspires to be a benchmark space for entrepreneurship, training and innovation for emerging creative and digital industries that will house up to 80 entrepreneurs, as reported by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Monday.

The councilor visited this new facility today accompanied by the Councilor for Works, Diego López; the councilor for Development, SMEs, Employment and Innovation, Cristóbal Garre and the person in charge of the Eastern District, Remedios Bocanegra, where she stressed that the building will revert to the diversification of the city’s economy.

Muñoz has highlighted that Marbella social hub It is a modern and functional property with 550 square meters of surface “with which we seek to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the creative and cultural sector through social revitalization, the generation of resources and the creation of employment, counting in this space with the most cutting-edge technology so that entrepreneurs can develop their ideas and startups”.

Also, it will be a complement to company incubators from Plaza de Los Naranjos and San Pedro Alcántara, “but with a more technological character of deployment of new technologies and innovation”, added the first mayor on a building that will allow 80 entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and projects without at no cost, with technical and logistical advice to launch your initiatives.

In fact, the City Council has invested a amount of 150,000 euros for equipment technological, audiovisual and furniture “so that all of this, together with the design, was consistent with the building’s own innovative style”, the councilor stressed.

To this investment are added the almost 600,000 euros used in the rehabilitation of the buildinga project that forms part of the ‘Marbella Creative and Inclusive City’ initiative, for which almost one million euros is allocated, 80% of which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), within the framework of the 2014-2014 Plurirregional Operational Program 2020.

The building consists of rooms for video game training

He social innovation center It consists of two floors divided into different rooms, the first consisting of training classrooms, recording rooms for podcasttraining in video games and 3D printing and one of the highest areas of the building “where entrepreneurs have a meeting room, an open-plan workspace with eight workstations, as well as a main room and a cafeteria” , Muñoz has indicated.

The commissioning of ‘Marbella social hub’ It also means, the mayoress has pointed out, “continuing our line of work to recover properties and put them at the service of the public, given that we managed to get this building, immersed in a litigation process, back to public use and municipal ownership, thus adding a new facility in Trapiche Norte”.

For his part, Garre stressed that for the development of these creative industries A community has previously been developed, focused on the promotion of social innovation itself “and we already have more than 600 people interested in developing their ideas in this Innovation Center.”

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