The City Council of Marbella has conditioned the asphalt and has renewed the signage in Cornalina, Calomela and Estena streets, in the Nagüeles area, an area of ​​urbanizations that suffers a Great deterioration due to the passage of time and the proximity of the Las Piedras stream, as reported this Friday by the mayor of the branch, Diego López.

The councilor has pointed out that the area is “located in the western districtnorth of the A-7 motorway, where more than 2,000 neighbors reside and it was necessary to rehabilitate it”.

López has pointed out that this urbanization area “suffered a great deterioration due to the passage of timehear the proximity of the Las Piedras stream, even hindering circulation in some points due to the state of the pavement”, while underlining that “the objective is to improve the quality of life in all the neighborhoods of Marbella, attending to the demands that citizens make of us”.

The mayor has specified that the work has allowed create more than 10,400 square meters of new asphaltToday almost 3,800 meters of horizontal indications have been marked. Specifically, work has been done on a total of 250 square meters in Calle Estena, 140 square meters in Cornalina and 365 meters in Calomela.

“In addition to having adapted the covers of the manholes and the wells sanitation at the level resulting from the new pavement, in each of the tracks can now be parked in a safer wayas the places were well delimited, which were arranged in a battery in the first two and, both in a battery and in a line, in Calomela”, he specified.

He also explained that, together with the renovation of the asphalt and other elements of the public highway, the project has included the perimeter fencing of a municipally owned plot located on Piedramar avenue, in which a enclosure of more than 1,100 meters in perimeter length.

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