Marbella is once again betting on the young talent in the city. This has been reflected during the presentation of the ‘Marbella Crea 2021’, which in this new edition retakes its face-to-face character and has six disciplines: Musical Performers, Literature, Plastic Arts, Performing Arts, Photography and Videocreation.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted that this program has had more than 2,000 participants since its launch in 2009 and that, despite the pandemic, last year it registered more than 120 “wonderful projects”, through a online edition. The event was held at the Fernando Alcalá Central Library, with the participation of the Councilor for Youth, Enrique Rodríguez, and some of the winners of the exhibitions last year. “The combination of talent and youth is a guarantee of success,” added Muñoz. He also recalled that a scholarship program has also been launched “to support and promote young professionals who already have some experience.”

In the twelfth edition of the ‘Marbella Crea’, whose registration is done online through the municipal website, being the term open until September 28, young people from the town of between 14 and 25 years of age, as explained by Muñoz, who added that the amount of the awards is maintained. In this way, they will be distributed 7,200 euros, distributed in three prizes for each sample of 600, 400 and 200 euros, which will be awarded to the first, second and third classified, respectively. The mayor, who has also participated in an ‘open microphone’ event with the winners of the last edition who have attended, has encouraged all young people to sign up for these shows.

For his part, the councilor has indicated that the investment made by the delegation to support young creators each year is more than 70,000 euros, through different cultural initiatives. “This is the case of scholarships, the samples that are being presented, the Marbepop Festival (which will be held on October 9 and already took place in 2020 despite the pandemic) and the creation this year of a new initiative, such as the Multipurpose Festival, held in the Plaza de El Calvario in May or the Street Art Project initiative to support urban art ”, he pointed out. In addition, he stressed that “the budget for the Marbella Crea Becas program has been increased by 30 percent, the call for which was held in March and where more than 39 young people showed up.” Now, the process is in the jury deliberation phase and will be resolved in the coming months.

“Our intention is to continue building a network of creators in the city so that they get to know each other, complement some projects with others and even be able to join together creating synergies,” said the councilor. On the other hand, it has reported that, within the future actions, the City Council is working on a catalog of young artists and creators to give the greatest possibility of making the work they do visible, making it easier for people to contact and access them and that the Town Council can continue to count on them when preparing the different activities from the Youth delegation.

“We are seeing you grow personally, artistically and emotionally, throughout all the editions” and he pointed out that the idea, shared with the participants, is a creators’ club “so that they share projects and complement each other”, has declared Fran Terrén, municipal technician in charge of the ‘Marbella Crea’ program.

For more information about this year’s program, it is available on the Youth website.

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