The Plenary Session of the Marbella City Council Corporation has The municipal budget for 2022 was definitively approved this Tuesday, an economic document that includes a consolidated amount of 323 million euros -3.4 percent more than the previous year-, and that has had the votes in favor of the Popular Party (PP) and Citizens (C’s) , and against the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and the Sampedreña Option (OSP).

The municipal spokesman and head of the Treasury, Félix Romero (PP), has been in charge of defending the only point of the extraordinary session held electronically, where he has indicated that the municipal accounts for the current year are “truthful, real and reliable”

During his speech, the mayor stressed that the preparation of budgets has been “very complex” in regard to their “initial processing”, indicating that they are “real and adjusted as a result of the adherence to the mechanism of the State Management Fund, but the result is very satisfactory and technically irreproachable”.

In the extraordinary session, the government team announced that it had rejected all the arguments presented by the opposition groups, which have reached 26 proposals, a decision that has justified in that the acceptance of these “with charge to the financing would end up compromising the action of the government for this exercise and, therefore, it is not possible to accept any”.

However, Romero has highlighted the “favorable disposition” of the government team to execute some of the proposals “in the course of execution” of the municipal budget, assuring that “we have been extremely cautious in terms of income, but we already have guarantees that they will exceed forecasts thanks to the negotiations carried out with supra-municipal entities”.

Specifically, it has indicated that it will try to “implement in the execution of the budget” 10 of the 20 allegations presented by the group of Citizens, and that have to do with “the modernization of the sports courts of the Arroyo de la Represa Park”, a youth and sports park in the district of Nueva Andalucía, an “outdoor sports facilities in the surroundings of the future swimming pool of Las Chapas” or “the increase in the number of the ‘Ironman’ event in San Pedro Alcántara”.

On the contrary, they have rejected the 4 allegations presented by the PSOE such as the creation of an employment plan for those registered in the municipality, a trade aid plan valued at 3.5 million euros or the exemption of the industrial waste rate. Likewise, the only allegation presented by the OSP group, which contemplated an item of 2 million euros for trade, has not been included in the accounts.

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