The Plenary of the Corporation of the City Council of Marbella has approved this Friday definitively the municipal budget for 2023which contemplates an amount of 333.7 million, being a measure that has gone ahead with the support of the PP and Cs and against the PSOE and OSP.

The mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, has pointed out that the accounts for this year show “a serious, rigorous income policy with a balance and a surplus of more than 2.5 million euros”in addition to incorporating different allegations of the opposition.

During her speech, the councilor has highlighted that the budgetsexceed 333 million euros”, to which he has added “the incorporation of works budgeted in the years 2021 and 2022”, but that “they are in execution regarding the project, and therefore, the tender”. In this way, he has assessed that “more than 40 million euros from previous years” are included, ensuring that “the budget execution for this year will exceed 370 million euros”.

The councilor has highlighted that the budget has increased “17%” compared to 2019, and therefore, “the economic activity of the city”, has valued the mayoress, who has remarked that the accounts for 2023 are committed to “public services, guarantee the growth of the city and economic”, as well as the generation of employment .

Muñoz has made a review of the legislaturehighlighting that in 2020 “the pandemic was the main priority, in 2021 the post-pandemic, in 2022 we already evidenced the recovery and those of 2023 are the budgets for the consolidation of that economic recovery”, emphasizing that “they are solvents”.

The councilor has indicated that the budgets “guarantee absolutely all public services”, such as chapter 1 regarding personnel, in addition to assuming “a fiscal policy in accordance with the needs, betting on families, fundamentally the large ones; the price of municipal sports activities drops by 20%, and of course, we are once again a pioneering city “with free public transport for those registered”. In this sense, he recalled that “there are more than 70,000 transport cards that this city has given” to the beneficiaries, with an investment that exceeds 7 million euros.

The municipal accounts for this year have received 52 allegations from opposition groups, of which 17 have been partially or fully estimated, as detailed by the Councilor for Finance, Félix Romero. Of these, he specified that the Cs group has presented 20of which 12 have been incorporated for a value of about 4 million euros. The OSP group has assumed 4 of the 8 proposals presented and 1 of the 7 from the PSOE.

Between the Sc initiatives 1,000,000 euros stand out for the elimination of architectural barriers, 600,000 for the improvement of sports facilities, 100,000 for the energy efficiency plan, 850,000 euros in sanitation infrastructure works, 1,500,000 euros for recreational areas and 85,000 to adapt the City Council website to the English language, training for people with disabilities and the revitalization of the San Pedro Alcántara Business Incubator, has highlighted the councilor, María García.

The OSP spokesman, Manuel Osorio, has criticized the “6.5 million loss in investment” for the population nucleus, just as he has regretted that the government team “continues to centralize” the management in the Plaza de los Naranjos.

The PSOE spokesman, José Bernal, criticized that the budgets “are falsified and electoral”, which “do not conform to reality, leading the City Council almost to bankruptcy with a tremendous debt that will have to be assumed from the next term”, he stressed in relation to bank loans.

Nagüeles quarry

In another order of things, the Plenary has approved a motion related to the modification of the regulation of use and temporary use of the Municipal Auditorium ‘Nagüeles Quarry’, where the Starlite festival is held every summer, a measure that has gone ahead with the votes in favor of the PP and the abstention of the rest of the political groups.

The municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, has indicated that he contemplates “granting multi-year use authorizations to consolidate this type of festivals”, as well as “accommodate the term of use to the real season in Marbella, and that it can reach 4 months”.

At this point, José Bernal has once again asked the government team to deliver the contracts for the award of works of the company Codecosol, punctuated by the Swedish plot in which the stepson of the mayoress is being prosecuted, questioning whether the Consistory finds the Starlite file and not those of the aforementioned company. Meanwhile, Osorio has criticized that the motion seems like a “covert concession.

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