The Plenary Session of the Marbella Town Hall Corporation has definitively approved this Friday the municipal housing and land planwhich contemplates 700 “protected” houses, a motion that has gone ahead unanimously from the political groups.

The Councilor for Territorial Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, has been in charge of presenting the point, who has highlighted the “solvency” of the team that drafted the document, which has only received three allegations that have been “dismissed”.

During his speech, Caracuel pointed out that the housing plan “It is an accurate and rigorous diagnosis” on the matter in the municipal term, which “studies the needs that exist and the current situation.” In it, he has indicated that they include “3,850 homes as demand for the next 5 years, 700 for subsidized housing.”

“The diagnosis is conclusive and there are houses foreseen in our planning planning to respond to this demand, which is sufficient in that forecast of the 5 years of validity that the plan has”, either “for purchase or for rent” has remarked the municipal manager. To this she has added that “the advanced construction of protection housing” should prevail.

On the other hand, he has alluded to the “ten programs” contemplated in the municipal plan, which provides for aspects such as “the rehabilitation of building facades, housing itself or energy”, as well as the intervention “in 100% of the 633 substandard housing” or the commitment to “eco-housing or the lack of elevators in several thousand” . On the last point, he added that “there are 8,000 homes without elevators”, so the plan will affect “over 10% with an item of 7.2 million euros on 850” properties.

For his part, the OSP councilor, Rafael Piña, called the plan “simple statistics” and criticized that “the public housing is installed in San Pedro and Nueva Andalucía” converting the district into a “dormitory town”. Thus, it has indicated that in the sampedreño core there are “912 homes2 compared to the “465 in Marbella”, for which reason it has requested “distribution”.

The councilor of the PSOE, Isabel Pérez, has highlighted how “fundamental” the contribution of land by the City Council to develop public protection housing, for which it has requested “to know which lands are going to be monetized from the land heritage” for this. In addition, he has added that “of the 700” subsidized homes included in the plan, “the City Council must lead more than the 150” planned for municipal promotion, that is, financed by the local Administration, since the rest will correspond to the development of the private initiative.

They request to allocate 10 million fines to public actions

On the other hand, the Plenary has given the green light to a motion presented by the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, to request the Ministry of Finance to allocate to actions of public utility or social interest “the 10 million euros consigned in the National Court for fines”, derived from “judicial proceedings throughout 2021 and 2022”, and which has had the support of all political groups (PP, PSOE, OSP and Cs).

The OSP councilor, Rafael Piña, regretted that the proposal, “protected by the law of direct subsidies”, does not include the obligation of “define the purpose of the grant”, does not justify “the unique character” or “the reasons that accredit the public, social, economic or humanitarian interest.”

Likewise, an account has been given on the actions that the Marbella Town Hall is carrying out at the judicial level to recover and that “the City Council assumes and receives as municipal patrimony a property known as hospital farm”, a building attached to the Costa del Sol hospital that belonged to the former Urban Planning advisor, Juan Antonio Roca.

The councilor has highlighted that the building has “7,350 square meters, 5 floors and 3 underground car parks”, as well as stressing that “hospital development may also require that plot”, with “an appraisal of around 600,000 euros”. On this point, which has not been voted on, the PSOE mayor, Javier Porcuna, has crossed out that the measure has “electoral overtones.”

Beach repair

On the other hand, the green light has been unanimously given to a proposal presented by the PP to urge the National Government to adopt measures to repair the beaches after the last storms. The spokesman for the municipal group, Enrique Rodríguez, has lamented that the City Council has allocated “more than a million” to repair the damage caused by the Levante storm registered in February.

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