The Plenary of the City Council of Marbella has approved this Friday, in its ordinary session in November, demand from the Administration of Justice that the sentences be enforced on the heritage of three convicted of the ‘Malaya case’ whose responsibility reaches 250 million of euros, in order to avoid that they can prescribe.

The motion has been defended by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, who has indicated that “we have to look for solutions to pay those debts that came from corruption However, the debt derived from corruption is very difficult to perceive often and, moreover, with the passivity of higher administrations many times”.

In this sense, the councilor has regretted that “it gives the impression that at Executive of the Nation “does not seem to hurt what was stolen from us, nor the difficulties that continue to be caused to the people of Marbella ”, while recalling that when the ‘Malaya case’ broke out by order of the courts,“ an arrest warrant was issued for a series of people and a significant number of assets were seized precisely for the then alleged guilty parties to respond. your responsibilities ”.

“What we propose in this plenary session is that the auction and execution of those goods is claimed, that are close to prescribing ”, has indicated the mayor, who has highlighted the relevance of the Budget Law approved by the last Government of Mariano Rajoy, which allowed the assets and money of these procedures “to revert to Marbella.”

On the other hand, the Plenary has agreed urge the central government to include in the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2022 a legislative amendment that maintains, as was done in 2018, the possibility of return to the city of money by way of fines derived from judicial proceedings for corruption to allocate it, through the formalization of an agreement, to the promotion of actions of general public interest for the locality. At present, almost 3.1 million euros collected in relation to the ‘Malaya case’ have been deposited in the Public Treasury.

At this point, the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has started the Plenary by requesting a minute of silence for women and children victims of gender violence; He stressed that “if there is someone who has expressly defended the interests of this city against those who overwhelmed and looted Marbella, it has been the Popular Group from the very beginning.” In this regard, it has detailed that as stated in the General State Budgets of 2016, “The year in which José Bernal was mayor of the municipality and I was in the Senate, we approved that this City Council could sign an agreement to obtain the destination of the fines, but the Socialist councilor did not.”

“It was in 2018 when I became concerned that this amount, which then reached 2.7 million in fines, came to the city, after signing the agreement with the Ministry of Finance ”, highlighted Muñoz, who has emphasized the importance of the National Executive include in the PGE the possibility that around 3.1 million will return to Marbella this time euros to allocate them to projects of interest to residents and that the city can continue to recover in subsequent years the money in concept of fines.

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