The City Council is developing a signaling plan in the Santa Marta neighbourhood, with actions in Jeddah, San Antonio, Diego Méndez and Galveston streets, with the aim of increasing road safety in the area. The councilor of the branch, Enrique Rodríguez, has indicated that the works, with an investment of more than 12,000 euros, contemplate the repainting of a total of 1,084 meters of horizontal lines, 359 square meters of cebreados and 15 pedestrian crossings.

Likewise, the Consistory is reviewing the existing vertical signage and will install 16 new posts, to improve pedestrian traffic, especially in the school environment. “These works are very necessary for the maintenance and improvement of road safety in our neighborhoods,” said the mayor of Traffic, who has advanced that “other parts of the municipality will continue to act in the same direction.”

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