The works of municipal nursery of The plateswhich is being built by the Marbella Town Hall and will produce around 600,000 annual plants, They are scheduled to end as of September 15, as detailed today by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has visited the future facilities accompanied by the Councilor for Works and Parks and Gardens, Diego López.

Muñoz has highlighted that this facility will enhance the image of Marbella as “green and colored city”, as well as achieve a remarkable economic savings for the municipal coffers in this area of ​​environmental ornamentation in the town.

The first mayor has recalled that the “flower of the season, to which we allocate each year to buy some €200,000is one of the main letters of introduction of our city”. “For this reason we understood that we had to be able to self-sufficient in a sustainable way”, indicated Muñoz, who underlined that the initiative will also mean saving investment significantly, given that “there is a big difference between buying a plant that has already sprouted or acquiring the seedling from which it will be born”.

The savings reach an average of just under one euro for each specimen, so the cultivation of almost 600,000 plants will mean that the savings for the Consistory will be around €500,000 in each financial year in relation to the expected annual production volume.

For the creation of the nursery they are conditioning 2,000 square meters of a municipal plot in Las Chapas, “which will also serve as a meeting point for educational centers and for people who want to train in nursery or gardening”, specified the councilor, who pointed out that the project investment is around 450,000 euros, so the savings in a single year would cover the financing of the works.

“We trust that october we can start the planting in the facility”, the mayor specified. The actions now focus on the placement of two greenhouses which occupy an area of ​​almost 1,400 square meters and then the sanitation, supply, fire-fighting, telecommunications, light and air conditioning networks will be created.

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