The last lifting storm has caused damage to the coast of marbella that increase the item that the City Council will allocate to the repair of damage “around 1.2 million euros”, as declared this Wednesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has promised to have the beaches in optimal conditions for Easter.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a press conference, in which she was accompanied by the general director of beaches, Victoria Martín Lomeña; and the mayor of Works, Diego López; where he has lamented that the last storm and rainfall have generated a “comprehensive destruction” of the 27 kilometers of coastline with which the municipal term counts.

So if the past March 28 the Consistory encrypted in €670,000 the investment that it should allocate to alleviate the damage caused by the storm, with the last one occurring between the early hours of last Monday and yesterday, Tuesday, the expenses are increased “around 1.2 million euros”, Muñoz has assured questions from journalists.

For the preparation of the coastline for Passion Week, the councilor has indicated that “already works have been contracted for an emergency for a value of 1 million euroswe are talking about 7 companies, in addition to all the operational services”, pointing out that damages of “pipes and furniture that are gonea promenade that has fallen down or beach bars that need to be put back on”.

“They are 7 local companies that are working on different beaches because we have had damage along the entire coastline, from San Pedro Alcántara to the Costabella area, with which a series of planning and all the personnel of the operational services and the boardwalk maintenance plan is going to be devoted these days to cleaning” the sand deposited in the access roads to the beaches or the branches and plant debris, among others. In addition, Muñoz has indicated that on the part of the Delegation of Beaches “an additional contracting of heavy machinery has been made that will be working during all these days”.

The first mayor has lamented that “if we had had the necessary corrective measures to be able to sustain the beach, so much damage would not have been caused”, recalling that the City Council has spent years “demanding” the central government to carry out coastal stabilization projects.

“From this very moment, I commit myself again to a Holy Week season that is expected to have a very high hotel occupancy, and that I also hope that it can continue to stay that way”, declared Muñoz, who has assured that the local Administration will “all the necessary effort so that our beaches and our promenade can support what has to be a success in terms of the season”.

In this sense, he has remarked to be “aware of what Easter means for a tourist city like ours”, for what he has launched “a message of calm” before the “absolutely devastating” images that have been seen in recent days as a result of the rains.

“It will be a very long day, but in the end we can say that Marbella recovers normality in record time and that is the commitment that I want to assume today and that I personally assumed yesterday with almost fifty owners and small businessmen who work on the beach”, he stressed.

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