The Marbella Town Hall is finalizing the regulations on skates and trust approve it initially in the coming weeks, whose ordinance establishes the compulsory use of the helmet or the need to have insurance, according to what the councilor of the branch, Enrique Rodríguez, has advanced this Thursday.

This has been highlighted by the mayor during his visit to the Information table that the Traffic Accident Prevention Association installed in the city today, on the occasion of the celebration of the European Mobility Week.

Rodríguez has pointed out that “since the state level we have been granted a series of powers that we will regulate with the ordinance, such as the compulsory use of the helmet or the need to have insurancein addition to the regulation of certain routes for this type of vehicle”.

The councilor, who highlighted the work of the association that prevents traffic accidents, announced that we are working together with this entity to develop campaigns in this area and raise awareness of scooter users, “because we are concerned about the degree of non-compliance of some of them despite the vulnerability of their vehicles.”

In addition, he has indicated that Marbella “clearly commits to road safety in all areas, from issues of prevention and awareness to different actions that are developed as the signaling plans, traffic calming measures or the execution of pedestrian itineraries like the one that we are soon going to carry out in the area of ​​the bus station”.

For her part, the head of the group, Ketty Morilla, explained that today “we are developing a campaign to promote the use of scooters and bicycles in a safe way”.

To do this, they have handed out a reflective armband to achieve greater visibility of both means of transport in which a QR code with the main regulations to comply with such as the use of a helmet, not wearing headphones, the use of a single person for this type of vehicle, respecting traffic regulations or the prohibition of driving at more than 25 kilometers per hour.

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