The town of Marbella has become a gastronomic destination on which numerous brands are betting and renowned chefs, being the Basque chef Martin Berasategui the last to announce that he plans to open a restaurant in the Costa del Sol city, which currently has 5 Michelin stars.

Without specifying the details of the project so far, the restorer bets on the city due to the high level and professionalism of the chefs that carry out their activity, and that other proposals are added to the restaurants recognized by the prestigious red guide, such as the gastronomic offer offered by the group of chef Dani García with five establishments.

That is why the Gastronomic Academy of Marbella proposed last May to name the city as World capital of gastronomy by its own merit, a recognition granted by the Federation Spanish of Tourism Journalists and Writersbased in Madrid, and that after the summer “break”, the group will apply again, according to its president, Andrés Manuel Sánchez Cantos.

A doctor by profession, the representative of the academy is convinced that the municipality deserves this distinction, of which his varied culinary offer since “the average number of restaurants in Marbella is very high, both in terms of attendance and cuisine”, and where traditional recipes merge with innovation to the stoves.

In this way, the Malaga and international cuisine come together at the same table in a gastronomic destination where “you can choose what you want, both in price and quality”, and that despite inflation and the general increase in the cost of supplies and raw materials “has not lost that level”, although “there is not the happiness of before in the expense”, has valued the president of the group.

The sum of restaurants with a Michelin star has made in the last decade that the city will begin to position itself in the circuit of gastronomic destinationswith the recognitions by the prestigious red guide that chef Dani García has achieved, who came to concentrate up to three in a restaurant that closed in 2019.

A kitchen service from the Messina restaurant in Marbella.

A kitchen service from the Messina restaurant in Marbella.




Currently, they are four establishments that have a Michelin star in Marbella, being the group led by the sommelier Marcos Granda the one that concentrates 3 of them, distributed in its Nintai restaurants of Japanese cuisine, with one recognition, and Skina with two. For the hotelier, “Marbella is a square in which the gastronomic offer is very top and very varied, you can eat very well everywhere”, as well as “many new openings and brands of all kinds such as Mexican, Japanese, etc. are arriving”.

Thus, it has valued that due to its wide offer “Marbella is a very strong gastronomic power” and “is positioned at the forefront of Europe”, both for “its traditional cuisine and for its variety and quality”, being “at the head of Spain and Andalusia”. That Berasategui’s commitment to the city is received positively by the sectorvaluing that “everything that comes and is like Martín, gives a lot of prestige to the Marbella brand and to the city”.

The chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Messina, Mauricio Giovanini, has pointed out that “more and more important restaurants are opening permanently each season”, to which he has added that “the old town with its tapas bars every day it is prettier and completes very well the gastronomic offer” of Marbella, where he has assured that “haute cuisine is at its best with other star restaurants”.

In this way, he has opined that the town plays “an important role within the Spanish panorama because before tourism was based a lot on Europe in terms of culture and history, and more and more people come because it is a destination of sea, for the climate and for golf and gastronomy in the case of Marbella”. On the other hand, he has pointed out that for the city it is “very positive” that businesses like the one planned by the Basque chef are being set up. “We will welcome him with open arms,” ​​he emphasized.

For the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant El Lago, Fernando Villasclaras, “Marbella right now is in fashion”, assuring that “there are more and more people living” and it is a “very international public that demands good qualities and good products, that is why many people want to invest in Marbella”. Like his colleagues, he has assessed that “competition is good and the more projects and more different things the better for everyone”.

The chef has highlighted that “there are few cities that in so few kilometers have so many Michelin stars in Spain” as the coastal town, emphasizing that “having such good restaurants increases the offer”.

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