The Marbella Town Hall has granted 10 new licenses for adapted taxis intended for people with reduced mobility, a measure that comes to increase the rate set by Andalusian legislation for the provision of this service and is stands at 8% with 27 vehiclesas announced on Monday by the Councilor for Transport, Enrique Rodríguez.

This has been highlighted by the mayor at a press conference after the Local Government Board, where he has realized the allocation of placeswhich correspond to a call that began in April and whose file has “autonomous reports”which are “perceptive and binding”.

The municipal official has detailed that the city had so far “with 17 licenses of vehicles we adapt”, so the service increases to 27which implies reaching the rate of 8% in relation to the 5% established by Andalusian legislation.

Rodríguez has highlighted the “commitment” of the government team for the “mobility” in public serviceswhile pointing out that these Places are awarded “based on seniority in the development of the profession”, for which he has indicated that the successful bidders are “10 people who have been working in the taxi sector continuously for 22 and 21 years”.

Thus, he pointed out that the city adds “340 licenses” with the 10 new ones granted for “5-seater taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility”, which “have been made based on the ordinance to place us in a ratio of 2.3 licenses for every 1,000 inhabitants”.

In addition, he has underlined that the adjudications not only suppose a service improvementbut they are “a commitment to accessibility in which steps forward continue to be taken”, recalling that “the Andalusian taxi regulations state that there should be 5% of adapted licenses in the municipality and in Marbella that criterion was increased and we are working on the horizon to stop 10% of licenses for adapted vehicles”.

On the other hand, the Governing Board has given the green light to the campaign ‘Your house begins on the street‘, with which the City Council wants to educate the public to keep the old town clean of the city, as highlighted by the adviser of the historic center, Baldomero León.

The municipal official has highlighted that the initiative aims to “redouble efforts” for residents and visitors to preserve the streets, emphasizing that “the old town is very beautiful, it is very well preserved and it has a typical character that invites all people to pass through here”.

The campaign includes 7 recommendations such as “avoid throwing paper or chewing gum on the floor”, the collection of pet excrement, the disposal of organic waste from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., the deposit of cardboard and its packaging in the appropriate container, as well as glass and plastics and containers. In addition, León has stressed that the hotel terraces “must clean” their spaces.

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