The City Council of Marbella closed the year 2021 with positive figures in the urban activity of the city, a period in which it has granted a total of 150 major work licenses for a material execution budget of 324.7 million euros, thus doubling the data obtained in the past year, as announced this Wednesday by the Councilor for Land Management, Francisca Caracuel.

This has been stated by the mayor in a balance that you have made of the activity of his delegation during the past year, where he has shown “all the satisfaction that can be because it is always necessary to aspire to improve to more, to continue reducing the times and to continue facilitating to the investors” interested their arrival to the city.

During his speech, Caracuel assured that 2021 “has been a very positive year” both compared to 2020 and 2019, for which the number of licenses granted in each of these periods has highlighted. In this way, he has indicated that in 2020, despite being “the key year of the pandemic”, the city registered an urban activity “higher” than the previous one, as well as remarking that construction was the “only sector that created job”.

Specifically, the municipal official has indicated that “the budget of material execution of the major work licenses was 119,700,000 euros ”in 2019, granting a total of 118 permits“ for 300 homes ”. On the other hand, it has specified that in 2020 “we will exceed 2019 and we will have a material execution budget of 153,426,000 euros”, with 99 being the number of licenses granted for “363 homes”. At this point, he clarified that although “the number was lower, each of the licenses had more homes to build than in the previous year.”

Regarding the past year 2021, Caracuel has remarked that “the material execution budget has doubled because from 153,426,000 euros we have gone to 324,723,000 euros “, with a total of 150 major building licenses granted” to build a number of houses that is 1,075 “.

“The figure, of course, I would qualify as really positive, for not using more grandiloquent adjectives, but it reflects a very important activity in our municipality”, has valued the municipal official, who has highlighted among these permits what he has described as the promotion “broader”Authorized last year, with“ 357 homes for a material execution budget of 51,753,000 euros in Nueva Andalucía ”, specifically in the Guadaiza area.

To this he has added other outstanding promotions that have obtained the building license in 2021, such as a “of 32 homes in Las Lomas de Río Verde for 10.5 million, another of 98 properties in Nueva Andalucía for a budget of 18.1 million or 28 homes for an amount of 8.5 million in Arroyo Palomera ”.

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