The Town Hall of Marbella has granted the building permit for the construction of the Secondary Education Institute (IES) of Las Chapas, whose works were awarded last October, as well as undertakes to issue the pertinent permits so that the educational center becomes a reality.

The news was announced last Thursday by the Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPA) La Florida, representing the students of the Mario Vargas Llosa Center for Infant and Primary Education (CEIP), while It has been corroborated by the Marbella City Council.

Thus, the Consistory affirms that has issued the building license, “pending only the payment of fees by the successful bidder”. In addition, from the AMPA they point out that the local Administration “Undertakes to issue as many licenses as necessary to meet the objective”Such as those of first occupation, opening, etc.

This point was dealt with in the Telematic meeting held by the parents’ group on October 28 with the delegate of Education in Málaga, Mercedes García, and the Director of Education of the Marbella City Council, Carmen Díaz, where various aspects that she made known were addressed, such as that “The tender for the construction of the Las Chapas institute was awarded on October 15 to the company Anfrasa, SL and that there is a period of 15 days for allegations from the publication of the award, there being none to date ”.

Likewise, from the AMPA they point out that the Autonomous Administration has transferred that “the delivery of all the documentation is pending and the signature of the contract between the Junta de Andalucía and the winning company, a procedure that must be carried out in the next two weeks ”.

Regarding the financing of the work, they detail that “the Board has the funds to defray the cost of the institute “, which “will be paid for with REACT-EU funds”, while in relation to the deadlines for the execution of the work, the Andalusian Government indicated that “It is for a maximum of 18 months, beginning between December 2021 and January 20222”, as highlighted by the AMPA La Florida.

On the other hand, in the telematic meeting it was specified that “They will take into account the adequacy of the accesses to the new center, the transport, the provision of material and furniture necessary so that it is ready for the beginning of the 2023-24 academic year and that, if required to doAny adaptation work, the City Council undertakes to facilitate whatever is necessary ”.

From the group of fathers and mothers La Florida they also assure after the meeting that “both administrations affirm that the institute will be ready for the beginning of the 2023-24 academic year and they are committed to making this happen ”, in relation to the Junta de Andalucía and the Marbella City Council.

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