The Marbella Town Hall has granted urban licenses for a value of almost 3 million euros, which shows the attractiveness of the city for investment, as announced on Tuesday by the spokesman for the acting government team, Félix Romero.

The mayor has highlighted after the Local Government Board that the granting of works permits has gone ahead, and that They get ahead despite the government being in office after the celebration of the local elections on May 28, and the constitution of the new municipal Corporation on June 17.

Specifically, Romero has detailed that a license has been given for the basic construction project of a “Early Childhood educational center for foreigners” in the Rocío de Nagüeles area, with an area of ​​”546 square meters” and “an investment of “601,593 euros”.

On the other hand, licenses have been issued for the construction of “two luxury single-family homes” in the district of Nueva Andalucía, with an investment of 917,000 one property and 536,000 euros the other, as well as permission has been granted for “8 homes in the urban area”, specifically on Río de Marbella street, for a value of “808,000 euros”.

Romero has celebrated that the granting of these licenses shows “the attractiveness that our city continues to have for any investor”, while highlighting that of those almost 3 million euros “between 40,000 and 80,000 will go to taxes in favor of the Corporation.

On the other hand, it has assessed that the fact that the construction of a “nursery” in Nagüeles is planned reflects the “demographic change” that the municipality is experiencinghighlighting that “more and more foreign families come to live in the city” and that it has to do “with the phenomenon of digital nomads”, the climate and communications.

Approval of subsidies to brotherhoods

On the other hand, the Local Government Board has given green light to certain “nominal” subsidies to brotherhoods of the municipality of Marbella, approved by “decree” and included in the “budgets”, as indicated by the acting councillor.

Among them, Romero has highlighted the agreements reached with the Brotherhood of Solitude, which has been awarded a grant of 4,000 euros; Jesús Cautivo, María Santísima de la Encarnación, Santa Marta and San Lázaro with 10,650 euros; Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz, Santo Cristo tied to the Column and Virgen Blanca with 10,650 euros); the Sacramental Brotherhood with 3,330 euros and Romeros de San Bernabé with 11,180 euros.

Likewise, the municipal management body has become aware of the “official communication” of various aids from the Junta de Andalucía to which the Consistory can opt, for which reason they will study requesting subsidies for “the improvement and promotion of local trade and crafts” for a value of 275,000 euros for the province of Malaga, and another of 47,000 to “promote and plan” retail trade, he has detailed. In addition, the Cloud 2030 Strategy has been approved, whose purpose is interaction between the different administrations within the framework of communication and information technology policies.

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