In the last three months, Marbella Town Hall has added four new vehicles to the fire department fleet with the aim of “offering the city the better emergency response as announced this Friday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor after attending the Marqués del Duero street in San Pedro Alcántara at the presentation of a van and a control carwhich are added to the two pick-up off road rescue purchased at the end of last year.

During the event, Muñoz highlighted that “we try to budget by budget these troops have all the equipment and infrastructure necessary for the most optimal development of its work”, although it has underlined that “we always hope they don’t have to use them because it will assume that there have been no incidents”.

“Is about facilitate your interventions when they have to perform some rescue in areas of difficult accessapart from the work they do in extinguishing fires”, indicated the mayor, who highlighted that “the security remains one of the priorities in our daily management and the service provided by our Firefighters is crucial”.

Muñoz stated that for the municipal government “it is a guarantee to have our firefighters equipped the best possible”, at the same time that he has recalled the approval “of a important public employment offer which in this specific case will allow the incorporation of 12 new agents”. He also recalled that the City Council is carrying out “everything related to the scale of command, with professional promotion so that we can have a base with a well-constituted pyramid”.

For his part, the head of the Fire Department, Medardo Tudela, thanked the mayor and the Councilor for Security, José Eduardo Díaz, “the support they give us” and has specified that “these four vehicles have a specific philosophy”.

In this sense, he pointed out that “they are light and two of them are pick-up jeep that will allow us to reach places that are difficult to access.” In addition, he has pointed out that “are compatible with each otherthat is, we can transfer the material from one vehicle to another and they have a specific location for the stretchers or tripods to enter, among others”.

Added to these vehicles, as indicated, “a control car that allows to set up a post with the capacity to be able to charge batteries or mobile phones in accidents that last several hours”, as well as a personnel transport van “more useful and versatile when making transfers”.

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