The majority of Spaniards acknowledge looking for luxury homes that they cannot afford, a more frequent pastime in the summer months, according to a survey published by the Idealista portal. One more year, the Spanish have fantasized about dream homes, mansions and palaces this summer. In Andalucia, the most visited luxury home is in Marbellain white saw, its price? €17 million.

Terrace area.

Terrace area.

Terrace area.



The most visited houses in Spain

This house in Marbella is not one of the most visited in Spain, according to Idealista, but it is the mask. The luxury homes that have aroused the most interest this summer are concentrated mainly in the Balearic Islands and the Community of Madrid, although a home in Cantabria has managed to sneak into the top 10. The first five that dominate this ranking are:

  1. Villa in Formentera. This Balearic island has become the dream of many Spaniards, and having a villa facing the sea is the perfect complement. 260 m2 with 7 rooms for 2,900,000 euros.
  2. New build villa in Sant Josep (Ibiza) It is one of the top areas of Ibiza, and new build homes at this level are priced upwards. 430m2 and 3 bedrooms for 3,650,000 euros have made it one of the favorite candies of real estate voyeurs.
  3. Ibizan house: In a more rural environment, but also in exclusive Ibiza, is the third most gossiped house of the summer, which has 3 bedrooms and 275 m2. Its price? €1.7 million.
  4. Semi-detached in La Moraleja, Madrid. A property in the most traditional urbanization of the capital, which has 400 m2 and 6 rooms. Its price? 1,850,000 euros.
  5. Villa in Formentera. Fifth place goes to this spectacular house in Formentera. Sea views from the top of a cliff with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms for which its owners ask 4 million euros.

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